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Class Officers Ensure Prom Isn’t Another Covid Cancellation

By Sarah Jones | Bomber Media

After last year’s prom was cancelled due to Covid-19, KHS will be hosting this year’s prom on Saturday, May 8 at Sun Valley Party Center in Auburn, OH and The Bomber Senior Fair on Saturday, May 22 will take the place of the traditional after-prom activities.

Senior class president Layla Gilbert and the other senior class officers made it a priority to make sure the class of 2021 did not miss out on prom again.

“In December I actually came to Mr. Gabram saying, ‘Hey, we need to start planning prom,’ and he was like, ‘OK, what can we do?’” said Gilbert.

The seniors came up with a few options. One option was having prom at the stadium. Mr. Marchesi helped the seniors set up prom and Mr. Gabram approved the idea of having prom for seniors only.

For the attendees to be safe when going to prom, everyone must follow CDC guidelines.

“Taking temperatures when kids get there and kids wearing masks the entire time except for when they are eating. They can dance outside if they feel more comfortable,” said Gilbert.

Instead of the traditional after-prom event, it was determined the safest option would be The Bomber Senior Fair on Saturday, May 22.

The seniors will enjoy carnival games and a special night under the lights at the stadium. Lots of prizes will be given out throughout the evening. There will also be food trucks serving many different options for everyone to enjoy.

One of the main events will be the Seniors vs. Staff Soccer Game; this is usually a homecoming tradition, but it was cancelled this school year along with the homecoming dance.

The event is for seniors only and will be from 6-10 p.m. with many fun activities to participate in.