• Dr. Herpy

The Recent Efforts to Update the Colosseum

Summary: A recent announcement declared efforts to reconstruct Rome’s famous Colosseum’s floors to allow visitors to better understand what the structure was like for those who once used it. The Colosseum is largely regarded as an extraordinary feat, as it was built nearly two thousand years ago in 80 A.D. by ancient Romans and still remains standing. Italian engineering firm Milan Ingegneria has donated twenty two million dollars towards recreating the original floor using light and easily altered materials. By building it with sustainable materials, the updates will be able to be removed should future generations want to reverse the build and return to the original structure. The project is set to be completed in 2023 and will include a three thousand square meter floor and a sustainable water collection system to assist in any drainage and sewage operations.

Reflection: Although  I  appreciate the efforts regarding sustainability and the focus on being able to reverse the changes,  I  am still hesitant that altering the Colosseum in any way is beneficial. It is visited and regarded as a landmark that tells the story of an ancient civilization and has impressively remained standing despite the amount of time that has passed. By altering or adding to the structure in any way, the quality and authenticity of it is diminished. Despite my concern for the historical significance of how it is currently standing, being able to see the Colosseum as it once was will be life changing for the visitors who have an opportunity to visit it. Being able to see it now, despite the crumbling appearance, is striking, but if it is returned to its original state, the site will be even more impressive. It will allow people to gain a better understanding regarding the original structure and lifestyle of ancient Romans.

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