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KHS Grad to Release Album This Summer

By Tricia Woodland | Bomber Media

Ryan Kohn, a 2018 Kenston graduate, is releasing a new album this summer. 

He will be releasing two new singles over the span of the next few months along with an album coming sometime in July or August.

One of Kohn’s new singles is one of his favorite songs he’s worked on. Called “Hurts To Love The Queen”, Kohn says he and his team have worked hard on and he is excited for others to hear it.

Kohn currently attends Belmont University in Nashville where he is working to obtain a degree while focusing on music. 

After growing up with a father who is a musician, Kohn decided to pick it up and later played in a band with his friends throughout high school.

Kohn’s high school choir teacher, Mrs. Greene, was also a big supporter of Kohn throughout high school and one of the main influences for his music career.

“She was always encouraging me, and that encouragement is what I think really built me up the most,” said Kohn.

After high school, Kohn moved to Nashville to expand his music options and focus on music.

Moving to Nashville was a drastic change from Ohio, but Kohn says it provided him more opportunities as well as a chance to meet different people.

“It’s kind of a culmination of everyone throughout the country who was good at it — and bad at it — kind of coming together under one roof,” said Kohn of the music scene in Nashville.

Anyone interested in listening to Kohn’s music can do so on Apple Music or Spotify.