• Dr. Herpy

Boys Lacrosse Playoff Picture By Brendan Garvey

The boy’s lacrosse team is wrapping up their final two games of the regular season this coming week. They have a WRC matchup in Willoughby South and an out-of-conference game against Gilmore. They are currently 8-8 on the season and look to go 10-8 after this coming week. Although the team is already seeded for the playoffs, these games still matter. Aiden Vanderbilt (Midfield) said, “These games are key in my mind and In everyone else’s. Playoff games are all about momentum especially in lacrosse, teams thrive off of it and can be the difference from going home or making a run.” The Bombers are looking to spark up some of that momentum as they enter into the playoffs. I asked Aiden how the team has been preparing over the last few weeks, “We have been keeping our heads up after losses and not getting so down, we got on a 4 game win streak and that sparked some spirit but the key for us was not to get down on ourselves for losing to a talented team.” When asked but the key focuses are on scheme, he said, “We are trying to slow the ball down more. We are very reluctant to move at light speed all the time when in reality, that causes more turnovers. Our need to focus is to slow the ball down, run the offense and attack the matchups.” It seems the Bombers have the game plan set as they head into their last week of the regular season and into the playoffs on May 17th.

The team will open their first playoff game against the winner of SVSM and Cardinal Mooney. Over the weekend the seeding took place and they got voted the 3 seed for their region. “The 3 seed is a perfect spot, considering who we have played, it’s a perfect setup with the 1st round bye,” says Jameson Parker (midfield). The team is already game-planning for the game as well. “Even though we have 2 regular-season games left, we feel it’s more important to focus on the game that could send us home. Being that its single-elimination, there is no room for error,” says Aiden Vanderbilt. If the Bombers win their first game, they will take on the winner of Kent Roosevelt and Mentor Cathedral. The Bombers have beaten Kent Roosevelt earlier in the season so they have a good game plan for them if they come out on top. To look even further down the line, they would most likely be playing University School in the semifinals. Obviously, there is a chance they lose on their side of the bracket so it’s never for certain. But, the Bombers are focused on one game at a time, there’s no need to jump to conclusions and they’re better off playing day-to-day. With that being said, the Bombers look to go far this year. They shaped up well with their 3 seed and have a couple of difficult games. But nothing they haven’t gone up against. The team has seen arguably the 2 best teams in Ohio. They know what it takes to win, but now have to go out and execute.

Overall, the team is pumped up and ready to battle. They have the pieces and the mindset to go far but need to make no mistakes in the execution. With their great leadership from the captains, there hoping the younger guys will follow their lead in terms of mindset and attitude. It’s key that they treat every opponent as if they’re the best in Ohio because when it comes to playoffs, it’s win or go home. But first, let’s watch the Bombers close out their regular season on a high note with 2 wins!