• Dr. Herpy

Weekly Art 5/21

This week in art there were many new paintings. Two of them were landscape paintings as well as one creative painting. One landscape painting consisted of a lake and a dock. The painting had a relaxing sunset, as well as a couple of boats in the foreground. This painting uses brilliant colors that will be sure to catch your eye. The second painting consisted of a green open field with hills. This painting uses calming colors so as to not distract the viewer and creates a beautiful scenery. The painting also has a shed in the foreground to give the painting more life. Along with the two scenery paintings, there was one painting that consisted of a crocodile jumping out of a manhole. This painting is distinct from others as it has a pixel background that will attract the viewer, and contains a creative idea of the crocodile jumping from the manhole. Be sure to check out all the new artwork when walking through the halls.