• Dr. Herpy

Commencement Speech For Rebecca Preneta

May 25, 2021

Rebecca PrenetaGood evening, families, teachers, and fellow graduates of Kenston High School! Tonight is a very special night for us because we made it to our big milestone; graduation. Although it looks a little different this year, we can still celebrate our milestone safely. It is exciting and a little sad at the same time; exciting because we are so proud of the accomplishments we’ve made over the past thirteen years here at Kenston, and sad because we are saying goodbye to Kenston. After we graduate, we will become Kenston alumni. Not only that, we will open up the doors to the real world. Whether it would be going to college, going into the workforce, enlisting in the military, or taking a gap year, we get to make our own decisions on where we want to go and what we want to do after graduating from Kenston High School.

Throughout our years at Kenston, we made so many unforgettable memories and did a lot of fun things! At Gardiner Early Learning Center, we participated in the AlphaFriends event and celebrated the 100th day of kindergarten. At Timmons Elementary School, we read three books as part of our One School, One Book program and commemorated Timmons being named a 2011 National Blue Ribbon School. At Kenston Intermediate School, we participated in the DARE program and had an assembly to celebrate the retirement of former superintendent Dr. Robert A. Lee. At Kenston Middle School, we went to Camp Mowana in 7th grade and Washington D.C. in 8th grade. There were so many things we did at Kenston High School, but I think that the most important thing we did was celebrating the Kenston football team winning the 2018 Division III State Championships. The memories that the Class of 2021 made here at Kenston will never be forgotten.

Rebecca PrenetaOne word that spoke to me during my Kenston years was the word, “acceptance.” As a student with Autism and Cerebral Palsy, I thought that I would never fit in with the classmates that I grew up with over the past thirteen years, but then as we got to know each other, they started to accept me for who I was and I started to accept them for who they were. To me, acceptance means accepting others for who they are. I accept people no matter what their race, religion, or gender is. Acceptance can also mean going with the flow when you find yourself in a situation that you have no control over. When you accept someone or something, you feel selfless, caring, and calm. Acceptance is very important in life. Not only do we accept other people and things for who and what they are, but we also accept the honor of being graduates and we accept our diplomas.

Furthermore, we are proud of our work at Kenston. Our school years were full of many ups, downs, and in between. We will take our memories with us as we go off into the real world. We may be sad to leave this incredible school district, but Kenston will always be in our hearts. Class of 2021, before we leave Kenston Local Schools, we must always remember the phrase, “Bombers fly together.” Thank you!