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Congratulations May Students of the Month!
Congratulations May Students of the Month!

Back Row L-R: Evan Brichmann, Valentino Carriero, William Smith, Cooper Akers
Front Row L-R: Karissa Sanchez, McKenna Sawyer, Maris McKnight, Anya Swope
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What Really Goes on in Web Design?

When most people think of Web Design they think it’s just about editing the KHS Website. A fellow classmate, David Clossin, said he thought “It was just designing the website.” I thought the same thing, but there’s much more. If you’re reading this that means you’ve found one of many articles that have been written by the Kenston Web Builders. Each Web Builder has to write two articles. You don’t have to write two articles though. If you are willing to do some after school work you can take pictures at a Kenston sports event. Sometimes we are not working on the website directly. Sometimes we will work on Photoshop and edit photos for the website. Although we do a lot of other activities in Web Design a big part of it is editing the web page. Many of the different pages of the Website are created in Web Design. New pages are being added every semester. But if you don’t have an idea for a new page you can edit some of the existing pages. If you can sign up for Web Design do it! It’s one of my favorite classes. It’s fun to run the website and you’ll learn some new things.

Web Design What a Fun Class

This semester I took Web Design and let me say what a fun class it was. We learned a lot about Mr. C. and the website. He taught us about the school website, Photoshop and much more. It was such a fun class and a rewarding one. He even gives you donuts if you post… Continue Reading

The End of The Stock Market Game

The Stock Market games has officially ended. The stock market want up a 7.14% from when we started a few months ago. This is really good if you consider it averages 10%-12% per year. I personally did good in most of my company’s but some I did really bad in like Boeing and Tesla. The… Continue Reading

Kenston Connect

Students who will be juniors and seniors in the 2019-2020 school year should consider joining Kenston Connect. This is an opportunity for students selected to serve as a leader and mentor for the incoming freshman. Not only is this program good for incoming freshman but it also an awesome leadership opportunity for incoming juniors and… Continue Reading

Finals Quickly Approaching

With finals week quickly approaching, many student are worrying about their grades and how their going to do on their tests. The good news is that with some preparation and simple study skills, all students can achieve success on their tests. Here are 5 tips to help you relax and pass with an A+ 1.… Continue Reading

Interview with Mrs. Kardamis

Have you ever wondered what Inspired the guidance counselors to become who they are today? After talking with Mrs. Kardamis, I learned that she realized she was interested in this job in 2005 after working in the business world. She told me, “Helping people was what I wanted to do. So I went back and… Continue Reading

Students Favorite Class

Many incoming Freshman are unsure as to what types of classes they should take throughout high school. To make it a little easier on them, and to serve as a resource to other students who are thinking about taking a class, this is some of the seniors all time favorite classes- Connor Hale stated that his… Continue Reading

AP Classes

At Kenston High school we are fortunate enough to have access to AP classes. But, are AP classes for you? ”Advanced Placement (AP)  program is in the United States and Canada created by the College Board and offers college-level and exams to high school students. American colleges and universities may grant placement and course credit… Continue Reading

Why Auburn?

I had a chance to ask a few questions with a Kenston junior that attends Auburn, Reynaldo Martinez. What’s an average day like? 7:00 am I get picked up by my regular bus. I get dropped off at the high school bus loop at 7:45. Instead of getting in the school I walk and get… Continue Reading