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Shark Tank Presentations

This week in Mr. Murphy’s Introduction to Business classes, Shark Tank presentations will be given. Shark Tank is a show where business owners get to pitch their product idea to entrepreneurs and try to make a deal with them. In this deal, the entrepreneurs, or the sharks, give money to get the business off the ground and get a portion of the company in return. The students in Mr. Murphy’s classes get to do the same thing! They come up with a product and make a presentation about it including their target market, business statement, marketing plan and so much more. The students pitch their products to a panel of student sharks and the sharks can make them an offer on their products! This project is a great way for students to be creative and have fun while creating their product but also lets them see how a real business can get its start up. Overall, it is a really cool experience for the students pitching their ideas and the student sharks who get to make them offers!

5/6/21: Block 1 Pictures         Block 3 Pictures

5/7/21: Block 1 Pictures         Block 3 Pictures

Weekly Art 5/7

This week in art there were many new pieces of landscapes. One of the landscapes was the underside of the dock with waves crashing against the pillars. This painting also has a beautiful sky in the background, going from blue to a subtle pink. Be sure to check out this painting in the halls. Another… Continue Reading

Weekly Art 4/30

There were many new pieces of art this week; they ranged from charcoal drawings to paintings of landscapes. The charcoal drawings consisted of people and usually a piece of a glass item. One drawing was a person looking through a glass. This drawing uses realistic features such as distorting part of the face that is… Continue Reading

Dairy Island Business Presentation

Mr. Tripi’s Applying Business Strategies held a business presentation for the owner of Dairy Island. Seniors Kyle Quinlan, Thomas Roche, and Cater McAbier talked about the new possibilities to expand Dairy Islands name and help them get more revenue in the off season. Related: Photo Gallery Continue Reading

4/23 Weekly Art

There were many new artworks this week, every one of them being beautiful in their own way. There were many beautiful painted landscapes; every one of them consisted of colors that compliment one another, and make the piece look alive. There were also new graphite drawings. Each of them only used graphite, but managed to… Continue Reading

4/9 Art

There were many wonderful pieces of art this week. There were many new graphite drawings, each and every one of them being unique. They will be sure to catch your eye. Another piece of art this week was a painting of a cityscape. This painting used colors that compliment one another and create a breathtaking… Continue Reading

WKHR again forced to cancel annual fundraiser

By Liv Moss | Bomber Media Kenston’s radio station, WKHR 91.5, has once again had to cancel their annual Radiothon due to unforeseen circumstances. Over President’s Day weekend, the computers that usually run 24/7 failed, taking out all of the computer systems and corrupting fifty percent of the data. The Radiothon is a yearly broadcasted… Continue Reading

Weekly Art

This week in art, Art II students are finishing up their portraits of their pets. A couple of them are already on display and they have brilliant, vibrant colors. When walking in the halls, be sure to look for them. The portraits contain unique patterns and colors that make each and every one of them… Continue Reading

Weekly Art 2/25

This week in art, Art II students are working on drawing/painting their pets using pastel, watercolor, and much more. The students are using monochromatic colors to make their piece unique and creative. They are also using patterns for textures to expand their ideas of creativity, and to have the ability to freely express themselves. These… Continue Reading

Weekly Art 2/19

This is the week of 2-D design in art. There were multiple 2-D designs, all of them being a sight to see. One of artwork consisted of a green man with a blue and purple background. This design uses the similar cool colors to attract the eye, and get them caught into the painting. A… Continue Reading