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Administrative Assistants


Teachers (continued)

  • Mr. Marshall, (david.marshall)
    Biology, Environmental Science
  • Mr. Mason, (ed.mason) Website
    Advanced Algebra, Advanced Computer Programming, Computer Applications, AP Computer Science, Computer Science Programming
  • Mr. Misenko, (john.misenko)
    American History, World History
  • Mrs. Moone, (jamie.moone)
    Environmental Science, Alternative Energies, Physics
  • Mr. Murphy, (patrick.murphy)
    Intro to Business, Business Management
  • Mr. Novak (ryan.novak)
    Mass Media, English 1, Honors English 1
  • Mrs. Phipps, (amanda.phipps) Special Education
  • Mrs. Quinn, (andie.quinn)
    Art 1,2,3,4
  • Mrs. Ramirez, Spanish (andrea.malys);
  • Mr. Ray, (troy.ray)
    English 2, Honors English 2, College 2
  • Mrs. Rudlosky, (kristen.rudlosky) Website
    Special Education
  • Mr. Sandy, (john.sandy) Website
    Geometry, Statistics, Honors Adv. Algebra
  • Mrs. Scalf, (jill.scalf)
    Long-term Sub: Web Design, Web Development
  • Ms. Scola, (kim.scola) Spanish II, III, IV
  • Mrs. Seeley (sam.seeley)
    American History, Economics, Psychology
  • Mr. Segulin, (rob.segulin) Website
    Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Chemistry
  • Mr. Selby, (james.selby)
    Government and World War II/ Holocaust, Economics, Honors Seminar
  • Mrs. Sheneman, (sarah.sheneman) Website
    World Languages
  • Mrs. Smith, (anissa.smith)
    AP American Government
  • Mrs. Morin, (sarah.morin)
  • Mr. Thompson, (pete.thompson)
    AP Government, American History
  • Mrs. Todia (jodie.todia)
    Special Education
  • Mr. Tripi, (rob.tripi)
    Finance, Business Law, Business Management, International Business
  • Mr. Turk, (brian.turk)
    Geology, Physical Science
  • Ms. Valenti, (megan.valenti)
    Long-term Sub Social Studies
  • Mr. Vasil, (chris.vasil)
    Mythology, Honors English 3
  • Mrs. Wahl, (brenda.wahl) Website
    French 2,3,4
  • Mrs. Wilk  (wendy.wilk) Physical Science, Chemistry
  • Mrs. Wirthwein (shannon.wirthwein)
    World History, AP World History, AP Euro History, Government Sociology
  • Mr. Yurchisin, (eric.yurchisin)
    Health and Physical Education

Teacher Aide