• Dr. Herpy

What goes on in athletic training?

I asked students in the athletic training class what they spend their time doing both in and outside of class.This was their response.

Q1. What’s your favorite part of athletic training?
Sam: Learning how to help with injuries and learning about sports medicine.
Jayme: Being able to be on the field and helping out. Feeling important during the games.
Mel: Learning about all the medical parts that go into it. Not as easy as it seems.
Connor: Free games & food.
Alexis: Spending time with Viv.

Q2. Why did you take this course?
Jayme: Thought it would be a good idea because I thought it would be good to learn about what I’d like to do in the future.

Q3. Do you play any sports?
Mel: Yes, I play soccer and I do discus.
Sam: Yes, I play golf, basketball, and lacrosse.

Q4. (If you play a sport) How do you balance your sport(s) and athletic training on top of school?
Sam: Sports are after school, then I go home and do homework In my spare time i go to games and help out with athletic training.

Q5. Are you planning to go into this field after high school?
Alexis: Yes, I would like to go into something medical
Connor: Undecided.

Q6. How do you prepare for your tests?
Jayme: Going through the slideshows that Viv lectures on. Plus packet notes.

Q7. What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned?
Mel: There is different medical terms for simple things like contusion is a bruise.
Sam: How to evaluate knee injuries.
Dilara: How many bones and ligaments the human body has.
Viv: Learning how everything in the body is connected to each other in some way.

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