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Boys Lacrosse

The boys lacrosse team comes to a disappointing end with a loss to Chagrin Falls in the second round.

A Start To The Season

lacrosse team On March 7th, the Kenston Bomber lacrosse team has an intersquad scrimmage at 12:00 pm. It is the blue team vs the white team, which is half of the entire team split up into two. This scrimmage is the team’s first real play situation. It will get the players ready for the actual season and let the freshman see and feel how high school lacrosse is played. The players are going to treat this scrimmage as a game and work on their offensive and defensive skills to get ready for the regular season. The Kenston lacrosse team is trying to start the season with positive vibes so when they get to the regular season they will have chemistry and trust in each other. The lacrosse team will have an additional three scrimmages before the regular season begins. All of the scrimmages will promote team building and improve the player’s skill set. According to Aiden Vanderbilt he said “ This is gonna be a great season and i feel like we are going to go far into the playoffs.” Patrick Benjamin believes that we are going to be able to beat chagrin this year with our talent.

Boys Lacrosse Upcoming Season

The boys lacrosse team is busy preparing for the 2020 season as they work on and off the field. The boys are coming off a season with a 7-12 record and a new coach. The boys saw some great wins along with some tough losses and are eagerly waiting to take the field at the… Continue Reading

Kenston Boys Lacrosse

Kenston Lacrosse is ready for this 2020 season with an established coach and new gear. They are ready to face their rivals and make it to June this year. The kids are excited especially with their new helmet stickers and new team gloves. The team has a scrimmage on Friday, March 13 at 5:30, and… Continue Reading

Committed Seniors

Picking a college to attend is always a hard decision for seniors, but for these few, the process was a whole lot easier. George Sell, Jack Porter, Julia Piazza and Garrett Koenig have agreed to not only continue their education but their very promising athletic careers at college. From grade-school football to the varsity team… Continue Reading

Lacrosse sign ups

Lacrosse season is just around the corner and the team needs you to sign up.  Lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet and requires skill and hand eye coordination.  Even if you have never played before you can come out and have a great time. Lacrosse, or the creators game, has been around for… Continue Reading