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How Sports Can Affect Someone’s Life

Doing sports and being athletic can be very important to someone’s life. Some people may not enjoy them as much as others, but for some, it’s their life. I talked to volleyball player AnneMarie Lemons, and she had some stuff to say. “I’ve been playing volleyball for 2.5 years and I think so far in the amount of time I’ve played, it’s been a really fun experience and I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and really getting involved with the sport.” AnneMarie has not just played for Kenston though. She played club volleyball all year even though Kenston volleyball is only in the fall. We asked her for her opinion on both. “Well I think Kenston volleyball is really fun because you play with people that you are close with but I think that club is also really fun because you meet new people from other schools and you get to travel.” A main reason that kids want to do sports is so they can hang out with people they have something in common with. Some things that happen in sports are that kids may be discouraged if they are not the best or think it’s hard but AnneMarie says you have to keep going and believe in yourself. “Sometimes when I first started it was kind of hard but eventually I practiced and worked really hard and I got used to it.” Only as a freshman in high school, she has practice 3 days a week for 2 hours. Every kid should look into doing a sport because if you’re looking to go to a good college just like AnneMarie, sports like volleyball could play a huge role in helping you.

Lesson Learned While Being a Student Athlete

Waking up bright and early, going to school and trying to focus, and then coming home to hours of homework is a tough schedule, but what if there was a 2 hour practice added into your daily routine. It sounds hard and one may think how could someone do that? In reality, that is every… Continue Reading

Interview with Sophia Scafidi

Kenstons gymnastics districts are coming up this Saturday and many are very excited. Two of the girls on the team have qualified for districts and the team got second at the sectionals on Monday. Presely Gabram got a 9.4 out of 10 on floor. The second gymnast to qualify was Mary Cowan 9.2 on floor.… Continue Reading

A Great Win For The Hockey Team On Senior Night

On February 8, 2020, it was the Kenston Bombers senior night for hockey and they were taking on the Orange Lions. The seven seniors that are on the team are Valentino Carriero, Vincent Coniglio, Jason Hildebran, Timothy Matty, Remington Maurer, Viktoria Pozwick, and Peyton Raypholtz. Valentino Carriero is on the state record board for two… Continue Reading

Interview with Patrick Benjamin

Patrick Benjamin is a hockey player for Kenston High School who takes great pride in his playing time, but to play again next year he’s going to need some more teammates. Patrick has played 2 years of high school hockey and is on his way to being team captain senior year. When I asked about… Continue Reading

Boys Indoor Track Team Competes at SPIRE Showcase

On Sunday, February 9, five athletes on the boys indoor track team competed in the SPIRE Scholastic Showcase held at SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio. The SPIRE Scholastic Showcase is an elite track meet with athletes from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, West Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Canada. Athletes from Kenston included… Continue Reading

The Dive to Olympics

Mary O’Neill Is a senior at Kenston High School who is currently on the path to her fourth state diving competition. I interviewed her today and she told me all about the hard work and dedication she puts in during her two and a half hour long practices which she has seven days a week.… Continue Reading

Boys Basketball Makes Miraculous Comeback Victory

On Saturday February 1, Kenston’s Varsity Basketball team faced off against Riverside. The team started off a bit slow and found themselves losing 9-5 at the end of the first quarter. The struggles then continued as the second quarter went on. At the end of the first half the boys were losing 24-18. Through the… Continue Reading