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2020-2021 Team Composite Photo

2020-2021 Team Photo

Kenston wrestling: Senior Maison Benz does it all despite losing portion of arm at birth

Published in The News-Herald
January 26, 2021
John Kampf

Young Maison Benz let out a sign of frustration as he stood beneath the monkey bars at school.

He had watched his friends navigate the playground apparatus, but knew he wasn’t going to be able to do as they were doing.

Benz lost nearly half of his left arm at birth because of Amniotic Band Syndrome, which occurred when an amniotic band wrapped around his arm like a tourniquet and cut off the development in the womb.

But Benz wasn’t about to give up on the monkey bars.

He wrapped his arms around the pole, climbed to the top and went across the TOP of the bars, rather than hanging from his arms beneath like his friends.

“Find a way,” Benz said. “I’ve always learned to adapt. It’s not too difficult, really. You just find different ways to do stuff.”

The middle of Patrick and Netta’s three children has ALWAYS found a way to achieve his goals despite not having the lower portion of his left arm.

So it probably should come as no surprise that when the Kenston wrestling team hits the mat this weekend, it will do so with Benz anchoring the team with a spotless 12-0 record at the 152-pound weight class.

“Honestly, if I had a wish right now and had an opportunity to have my hand back, I wouldn’t do it,” Benz said. “There’s no benefit for me. I’m so used to having one arm. When situations present themselves, you just figure them out — that’s all.”

Patrick Benz said multiple ultrasounds were done while his son was still in the womb, but nothing revealed there was an issue.

“As he was being born, the doctor said, ‘Hey, it looks like there’s a problem with his left arm or shoulder,’ when they brought him out,'” Patrick said. “At that moment, it was like time stopped. The doctor tapped me with the scissors to cut the cord and all I thought was, ‘You’ve got two options. Either stop and make this a problem he doesn’t recover from or you move forward and give him the tools he needs to become the man he becomes.'”

What has Maison missed, since he is missing half of his left arm?


Nothing at all.

He swims with the best of them. He’s played high school lacrosse and high school football. He he rides dirt bikes. He hunts … fishes …

And he wrestles.

Oh, does he wrestle.

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