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Kenston Academic Awards 2019

Another school year is yet again coming to an end. Only 16 more school days until summer! With the end of the year, we now get to celebrate our accomplishments and hard work. Many students have received an invitation to academic awards night. This is going to be held on May 14th at 7 pm in the high school auditorium. There are many different awards that are going to be given out. These range from department awards to GPA awards. A few special awards will be given out like the Hugh O’Brian Leadership award, West Point Leadership award, Yale Book Prize award, Certificates of Merit, Russian Scholar Laureate, and Cleveland Technical Societies Council Award. Jack Roman received an award last year and said, “It was a great feeling receiving an award after all my handwork last school year.” This is the way students are rewarded by teachers and administration for academic achievements. All are welcome to attend and celebrate these student’s accomplishments. Senior Awards night will also take place on May 20th at 7 pm in the Lee Auditorium.

Check out pictures of the award winners from last year!


2019 After-Prom Fashion Show

On Friday, March 15th, the juniors and seniors participated in a lively dance competition! The profits raised all went towards the after-prom funds in order to make prom night fun and enjoyable. Each student in these grades had an opportunity to sign up and form groups to show their dance moves off. Two junior groups… Continue Reading

Student Recommended Courses for 2019-2020 School Year

Scheduling may have brought up the question: what are the best courses to take next school year? Even if you are deciding what core classes to take, you have flexibility when choosing which is the right class for you. With honors and AP available, students can challenge themselves with harder courses. Students at Kenston have… Continue Reading

Dunder Murphlin New Products

Have any funky smells in your car or locker? Don’t worry because Dunder Murphlin is selling air fresheners this semester! Dunder Murphlin is Mr. Murphy’s Business Management Class for the spring semester. The new products for sale are circular in shape and come in two great scents- Vanilla and Clean N’ Fresh. The Kenston Bomber… Continue Reading

KHS Web Builder Profile For Amy Kotara

January 2019 Hello: My name is Amy Kotara and this is my junior year at Kenston High School. I signed up for Web Design because I wanted to learn about our website and have heard great things about the class. Presently, my computer background consists of working with the basic programs that the school has… Continue Reading