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Doge-Coin as of recently has been blowing up. Some people may ask what is Doge-Coin? Well let me explain it to you. Doge-Coin is a crypto currency like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Doge-Coin was created as a joke back in 2013 when barely anyone knew about crypto currency as a whole. The term “Doge” is an internet meme and the creators decided to use it as the symbol of their currency. The reason it was created was to provide an instant, fun payment system that bypassed traditional bank fees.

There were two creators in Doge-Coin, Bill Markus and Jackson Palmer. Bill Markus worked for IBM at the time of creation for Doge-Coin and Jackson Palmer worked for Adobe. Bill reached out to Jackson and the two created Doge-Coin as a sorta side project for fun. Within the first 30 days of creation Dogecoin.com had over 1 million visitors. Doge-coin really started gaining popularity when Elon Musk started tweeting about the currency, causing it to skyrocket in value. As of April, Dogecoin is worth 17 billion dollars. Elon Musk still continues to tweet about the currency and more and more people are seeing this as a way to make some easy money. 

I interviewed Junior Nick Beebe about his thoughts on Dogecoin and Crypto currency as a whole.

What got you into crypto currency?

“What got me into crypto was watching YouTube videos and I thought it would be a good investment once i understood it.”

What currencies do you own?

“I own Bitcoin, Etherium, and Cardona. Ethereum is my biggest holding because I believe it has the most potential to grow.”

What do you think about Dogecoin?

“I think Dogecoin is pretty funny but also really risky, I would stay away from it because people are just using this as an opportunity to pump and dump.”

There are many benefits to investing in crypto currencies but I think people should stay away from Dogecoin unless they are ok with losing the money they put in. 

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