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Physical Activity while in Quarantine

While we are stuck at home during this time of quarantine it may seem as though there is little we can do to stay active. Since we are at home it takes a little more planning to get the physical activity that we require to stay healthy, both physically and emotionally. In our area there are many great park systems with tons of walking trails that we can use to get the physical activity we are missing.There are so many places to go, some of them include Holbrook Hollows, Frohring Meadows, Squaw Rock, Beartown Lakes Reservation, and much more. In an interview with Julia Lechak, she stated, “Going on walks has been a great way to get me out of my house, and is a great way to exercise.” It is very good for you to stay physically active during this time. Walking has many benefits including strengthening the heart, boosts energy, improves mood, strengthens bones, and more. Take 30 minutes out of your day to help your body get the activity it is missing out on.

How to Help During COVID-19

Hospitals throughout the world are currently experiencing a shortage of face masks. The coronavirus COVID-19 is the reason for this shortage. Our Kenston community can help our local hospitals by volunteering to sew or to  donate fabric, thread or elastic. Groups like Face Mask Makers Ohio are organizing donation efforts. Groups like this have people… Continue Reading


Interact club is a group, that meets every Monday and Wednesday during homeroom. Interact is held in Mrs. Brusts room. Interact organizes projects to donate and give back to the community. There are many volunteer opportunities as well. Anyone is welcome to join! Currently we are collecting summer items, including flip flops, towels, shorts, and… Continue Reading

Kenston Tennis

The Kenston girls tennis team is currently working extremely hard in the off-season. The players are working on their game about 2 times a week. The girls finished their season this past fall. The team is already counting down the days till we start again, 26 weeks to go! The season will start again this… Continue Reading