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Kenston’s Inspiration

mellone-evan-ls-3127March 4, 2015

Evan Mellone

After a relaxing weekend one of the hardest things in the world is waking up for school or work on Monday. So a little inspiration can help everyone. Luckily the Kenston High School Website has one of the greatest inspirational quotes page on the Internet. With the help from fellow senior Sam Obringer we have taken over the page that has been ignored since 2013. We search the Internet for quotes that stand out to us, either ones that makes us laugh, or that make us feel something deeper. Since taking over we have made eighteen pictures through Photoshop. We create five new photos a week displaying either who said the quote or a picture that has something to do with the quote. Underneath the side column of pictures we add three text quotes that were suggested to us by one of our many fans. Senior Kat Rumplik said that “I look forward to seeing each and every quote, because they remind me of my childhood.” She is just one of the many fans that the quotes page has gotten since Sam and I have taken the reigns. With the weekly update of the page comes a tweet from mine and Sam’s personal twitter accounts letting our fans know when they can find new inspiration. So be sure you check out the quotes page under the student life tab if you are ever going through a rough time and need a pick up.

Bombers Baseball

February 24, 2015 Evan Mellone [KHS Web Builder] With the snow leaving and the warm weather arriving the anticipation for the baseball season begins to grow. Coming off of a successful season last year after getting a share of the CVC championship the team looks to build upon the talent they have and replace the… Continue Reading