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New Webmaster In Town!

September 18, 2020

By Athan Zoes

Last year, Mr. Continenza taught Web Design, and on March 2nd, he had a substitute teacher take over. Mrs. Scalf, the very same sub, is now teaching the class this year. In this article we will be going over why she is teaching the class, her past and present experiences teaching, and what any future plans for the website might be.

How did you end up substitute teaching and what experience do you have with teaching technology?

Mrs. Scalf was a science teacher in Cincinnati before she moved here, to be closer to her family and hometown of Kirtland. She taught classes such as Physical Science, Biology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, and a class she created called Biology Connections, which was about teaching special needs students basic science skills that they would use in their life. She knew how to use technology, but it wasn’t the center of her instruction, and she is currently taking computer and technology classes at Cleveland State.


When she moved here, she didn’t find a full-time teaching job, so she started substituting for Kenston. Becoming a substitute teacher was a “shock to her system,” going from having her own classroom for years to substituting for other teachers’ classes. 


How long are you going to be substituting for Mr. Continenza?

When asked about how long she would be teaching, she stated that she would definitely be teaching the whole of 1st semester, but there is a chance of her teaching the 2nd semester, too. 


Have there been any problems teaching or getting the technology to work so far?

She said that at the beginning of the year, there were some issues with technology. Specifically, the second day of school was the worst. One of her comments was, “The second day of school was particularly terrible for me in that regard. It’s hard to teach technology classes when your technology is down/extremely slow! … I don’t have a bank of backup lessons anywhere because this is the first time I’ve taught this stuff.” Otherwise, she is doing great and talked about how she wants everyone to know that while she is new at teaching technology, and that there are times when things might not go to plan, but she is trying her best. 


Technology issues have slowed down, however, and now the hardest part is managing all of the content that gets posted to the site every day. She’s having the students do as much of this work as possible, but “we’re still in a learning curve period.The students are doing a great job, but I still have to teach them the process. It takes time.”


Are you planning on doing anything differently this year on the website?

She said that she wants to focus on “beefing up” the academics section of the website, and that the website is run by the students, not her. Lastly, she wanted everyone to be aware that the timeline for updates may change, but that everyone is working hard to get everyone the content that they’re looking for, and that the students are getting better every day. 



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