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Introduction to Business Shark Tank Project

Every year, the Introduction to Business class has a big end of the semester project on entrepreneurship based on a Shark Tank simulation. Different groups make their own product to introduce to the investors, which they call Sharks. The role of these sharks are played by former Intro to Business students. Students come up with a business concept, create a marketing strategy, production and selling cost and pitch their ideas to a group of venture capitalists. This project fits perfectly into the criteria, accumulating all learned concepts throughout the whole class. Several students also used the hub to create their commercials, posters, stickers, and 3D printed parts of their projects. I asked former student Elise Bradbury what she thought about the Shark Tank project. She replied, “I thought that the project was fun and interesting to think of our own new product. It showed me how much work it would be to actually create a product, along with all the time put into it as well.”

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Holiday Gift Ideas!

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Kenston Outfitters

Kenston Outfitters has been doing a fantastic job in making their recent products, and are continuing to create more for their supporters. Have you checked out their new sticker designs? They also have long sleeves available for purchase for all Cleveland lovers. Also, remember to purchase your pink wristbands as well to support the Breast… Continue Reading

Kenston Outfitters New Products

Kenston Outfitters is Mr. Murphy’s new Business Management class for this semester. They are already coming up with many great designs and products for students, as well as reaching out to anybody who would like to represent our school. Their newest products have just released! They have two new long sleeve designs, including a Kenston… Continue Reading