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Covid-19 Golf Interview with Nathan Gaskins

I decided to dig into the golf team by asking Nathan Gaskins a couple of questions about his game, the team, and if and how Covid-19 will affect next year’s golf season. I went into stuff like what his clubs are to skill sets of everyone on the team. Next year the team will be losing two very good players. So I asked him how the next year will be without them, and what the next year’s varsity team will be.

How long have you been playing golf for?
4 years

Are you on the Varsity or JV team?

What was your average score for 9 and 18 holes?
9 holes- 45 18 holes-92

What was your favorite part of last year’s season?
We won a pretty important match last year and after that when we arrived at the school as a team we all went out and got food together.

What was your best and worst match during the past season?
Best match was against Madison at their home course, I shot like a 41 in fact the entire team did pretty well that day, worst match was like the third one of the season against brush, I fell apart and shot like a 55.

Who had the straightest/longest shot on the team?
Straightest, Adam Farrel, longest, Robert Sunderhaft.

Who had the biggest sliced and the shortest drive of the team?
Shortest drive I have no idea it could’ve been anyone of us and the same could be said for the slice too, we all had bad drives and horrible slices on certain days.

Who was the best player on the team?
Adam Farrel

Do you prefer short game or long game?
Short game

What is your best/favorite club in the bag?
8 iron

What driver do you have?

What putter do you have?

Overall, how is Covid-19 affecting you and your ability to work on your game?
Well for a while a lot of courses were closed but they’ve reopened so hasn’t really slowed me down too much in the offseason.

What is your prediction on who will be the Varsity team next year?
Me, Will, Jack, Max, Gavin, Kubitius, maybe Bergansky.

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