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Where to Get Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is right around the corner! It’s time to go get your Christmas tree. If you are planning on getting a real tree, there are many places around here to go cut one down. One of the most popular tree farms near us is Howling Pines Tree Farm in Chagrin Falls, which by the way is owned by our own head football coach, Jeff Grubich. There is also North Corner Farm in Burton, and, Sugar Pines Farm in Chesterland. All of these tree farms have a wide selection of Christmas trees. You can either cut your own tree down or they can cut it down for you. They will bail your tree with netting and assist you in loading and tying your tree to your vehicle.

Morgan Mintz said “I can’t wait to decorate my Christmas tree!”

Bomber Bash!

Our fourth annual Bomber Bash is just around the corner! On November 23, from 6pm-6am, Kenston High School will be hosting a lock-in fundraiser in support of the Northern Ohio chapter of A Kid Again. A Kid Again is a foundation that helps families with children who have been diagnosed with any type of life… Continue Reading

2019 Bomber Games!

Attention students of Kenston High School: The Bomber games begin next week and we encourage all of you to sign up! The first Bomber game is volleyball and will be held on Thursday, September 26. Students who signed up for volleyball will meet at the Kenston Intermediate School at 4:00 pm and will play until… Continue Reading

George and Julia Sell

George and Julia are another pair of students at the high school. They are two years apart, George is a senior and Julia is a sophomore. They are both athletic, funny and nice. George’s favorite color is blue, his favorite kind of food to eat is Mexican, and his favorite candy is Reeses. Julia’s favorite… Continue Reading

The Hub

The Hub has recently been improved, making many more resources available for the students. There are now three classes being taught in the Hub. Mr. Novak is teaching both Digital Design and Mass Media/Journalism, and Mr. Malkus is teaching Digital Design. The Hub now has updated, double screened computers allowing all three classes the chance… Continue Reading

Jenna, Taylor, and Charlie Thompson

Jenna is a sophomore at the high school and she has two siblings, Taylor, who is a freshman here at the high school, and Charlie who is in seventh grade at KMS. They all enjoy eating at Yours Truly as a family. Jenna’s favorite food is salad and her favorite color is light pink. Taylor’s… Continue Reading

Madeline, Lily, and Ryan Peters

Madeline is a senior here at Kenston High school. She has two sophomore siblings also at the high school, Lily and Ryan. Madeline is two years older than Lily and Ryan. Ryan and Madeline are both very tall and have the same sense of humor. Lily and Madeline always share each others clothes. Madeline’s favorite… Continue Reading

Caelan and Owen Ryan

Caelan and Owen are three years apart and get along very well. Caelan is a sophomore in high school and Owen is in seventh grade. They are both short, funny and nice. Caelan’s favorite place to eat is B Spot, she loves gummy bears, and her favorite color is black. Owen’s favorite place to eat… Continue Reading

Jaclyn and Hannah Hummer

Jaclyn is a sophomore in high school and Hannah is a Junior in College. They are both very kind, funny, and athletic. They are best friends and love hanging out together. Jaclyn’s favorite place to eat is Out Back and Hannah loves to eat at Aladdin’s. Hannah’s favorite candy is Snickers and Jaclyn’s favorite is… Continue Reading