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Kenston Honored By U.S. News and World Report 2019 Best High Schools

This past week Kenston High School was ranked tenth in Northeast Ohio for its stellar performance. We were also ranked twenty eighth in the state and seven hundred and twenty seventh nationally. With our ability to take Advanced Placement courses and exams, our school stands out compared to schools around the country. Our students who participate in AP classes includes 58% of the student body. Our school was nationally ranked by our performance on state test scores, graduation, and how ready our seniors are for college. I recently sat down with our Principle Mr. Gabram to talk about this great achievement.

Question: What are a few things that make Kenston High School standout?

Mr. Gabram: “I think the 4 by 4 block schedule helps create a pathway for our students. It helps demonstrate college life a little more than other schools. The block schedule supports college readiness for our students. Our schedule also helps teachers cover more amounts of material in one day, having 80 minutes everyday gives them an opportunity to maybe teach two lessons in one day.”

Question: What are your feelings about being ranked tenth in Northeast Ohio?

Mr. Gabram: “I’m still not satisfied, obviously I am happy with our ranking but it does not show the full potential of our school. My focus is towards the kids and their personal experience they take away from high school. Climate and Culture is the way to better test scores, meaning if the kids are satisfied then they’ll preform better giving us a better ranking.”

Question: Why do you think Kenston High School is so successful?

Mr. Gabram: “I think the reason Kenston High School is so successful is a mixture of our good staff, who have a passion for education and who want to help kids learn. Another reason I think our school is successful is because of our amazing student body who values their education and strives for success. Finally our school wouldn’t be our school without the parents who help, and our community who support us in everything we do.”

Visit US News to view their report.


Dunder Murphlin Has New Products Yet Again!!

Once again, Dunder Murphlin has come out with a new product line. They have created new snazzy socks with a Kenston Bomber logo. The logo includes the word “Bombers” with stars around it. The socks come in two color options: grey or blue. The pairs can be purchased now with one pair for $10 and… Continue Reading

Dunder Murphlin Has New Products!!

To all Kenston students and staff, Dudner Murphlin has come up with new and stylish hooded sweatshirts. One sweatshirt design is Kenston themed that comes in the colors grey or maroon. The retro design features a Kenston logo with a star on the front, and the back incorporates a record design with the words “Bombers… Continue Reading