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Basketball Season Is Here!

The Bomberette Dance Team is about to begin their winter season! The team is working very hard at practice to perfect their routines for their basketball performances. “I’m excited to perform the new routine on the courts,” says member Elise Bradbury. The team is looking forward to dancing to a mix of popular songs by artists Dua Lipa, Cardi B, Ariana Grande, and many more. Come out and support the dance team at the basketball team’s at half time!

Along with basketball season, the team has also been asked to perform at the assembly awarding the football team with their accomplishment of earning the state championship title. The Bomberettes will be performing to the Christmas song Santa Baby on Monday, December 17th. Show your school spirit by attending this event!

The Cavs Game

On Wednesday, October 24, the Kenston Bomberettes, Band, and Chorus performed the pregame show during the Cavs game. The dance team and band preformed “Thriller” and “Beat it” by Michael Jackson for their portion of the pregame show. Not only did they get to perform on the same court as the Cavs, but they also… Continue Reading

The Homecoming Show

Homecoming is a big time of year for high schools across the country. There are many traditions that schools have, some include: the homecoming king and queen, a parade, the dance itself, etc. One of the traditions that the Bomberette Dance Team has is changing the type of show they perform. Instead of the traditional… Continue Reading

Football Season Is Back!

After a long summer of hard work, the Bomberette Dance Team is back every Friday night performing under the lights! With football games, there is a lot to be done to be able to perform on the field. This group of girls has definitely put in their fair share of hard work. Throughout the summer,… Continue Reading