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2021 MLB Season Predictions

By: Nick Daramus

2021 MLB Season Predictions

The 2021 MLB season is starting very soon. Currently, Spring Training games and training camp is underway. There are so many new faces this year, and big moves have been made to improve a franchise. I am going to go through each team and talk about their offseason and give predictions about how their team will do this year. 


Let’s start with the American League East. This division is going to be a dandy to watch, it will be a battle to take the division throughout the whole season. Every team in this division made some good acquisitions to bolster their team. I predict the standings for the AL East will look something like this: 1) Yankees, 2) Blue Jays, 3) Rays, 4) Red Sox, 5) Orioles. I have the Yankees winning the division and obtaining just under one-hundred wins this season. The reason I have the Yankees winning the division is because they have had one of the best offseasons this year. They made big moves like re-signing star 2B, DJ LeMahieu, signing veteran RHP Corey Kluber, trading for RHP Jameson Taillon, and other helpful acquisitions. The Blue Jays also had a very good offseason signing big bats like OF George Springer and SS/2B Marcus Semien. The Jays are a young team that will continue to get better over the years. The Rays are still contenders but they lost some big pieces to their rotation this year. They still have the potential to contend but they will have to stay consistent and play good baseball to keep up in this division.


Next we will go to the American League Central. Just like the AL East, the AL Central will be a fight to the end. I think the division will look like this: 1) White Sox, 2) Twins, 3) Indians, 4) Royals, 5) Tigers. This is one of the best divisions and each team is relatively close to contending within the next few years. The White Sox are my runners up for first place in the AL Central this year because they have made some good moves and their players continue to develop. The Sox traded for RHP Lance Lynn, and signed RHP Liam Hendricks. Those are two major pitching acquisitions that will give the White Sox even more contention. As for the Twins and Indians, they lost some major pieces and had a mild offseason in return. Surprisingly the Royals and Tigers both made some very good moves but they still need a few years before becoming bigger contenders.


 Now onto the American League West. This is an interesting division because it could be a very tight battle or someone could blow out the division. I predict these standings: 1) Astros, 2) A’s, 3) Angels, 4) Rangers, 5) Mariners. As the season goes on I think this division will be a race between the Astros and the A’s. The Astros had a mild offseason and lost a few big players like George Springer, however they did re-sign all-star OF Michael Brantley, and they signed SP Jake Odorizzi. The A’s lost some big names like Marcus Semien and Khris Davis. The A’s still have a good team and definitely will be playoff contenders. And for the Angels they have a very scary lineup after signing some big bats this offseason. However, the Angels lack pitching and you can’t go very far without it. The Rangers and Mariners had a mellow offseason. 


Those were my American League Predictions and now on to the National League. Starting with the National League East, I see it like this: 1) Braves, 2) Mets, 3) Nationals, 4) Marlins, 5) Phillies. This was a tough division to predict because every team in this division is pretty close to each other. The Braves and Mets could go either way for who wins the division. I picked the Braves over the Mets however because of their pitching staff. Even the Nationals could be sleepers this year for who wins the division. So don’t be surprised if the 2019 World Series Champions win the 2021 NL East. And the Phillies and Marlins situation is just like the rest of the division, a very very close race. But by the end of the season that is how I see the standings to look.


Now we are onto the National League Central. This is also a very difficult division to predict. But I see it looking like this: 1) Brewers, 2) Cardinals, 3) Cubs, 4) Reds, 5) Pirates. The Brewers have had a good offseason signing 2B Kolten Wong, and Defensive star OF Jackie Bradley Jr. not to count for the other moves the Brew Crew has made this year. The Cardinals are my second runner ups for this division because of the re-signing of players like SP Adam Wainwright and C Yadier Molina. Also the Cardinals probably made one of the biggest transactions of the offseason when acquiring star 3B Nolan Arenado in a blockbuster trade. And for the Cubs I see them getting 3rd place no matter what changes happen between the rest of the division. They are still a pretty good team and most likely playoff contenders. However the Brewers and Cardinals excelled across the rest of the division this offseason. The Reds and the Pirates didn’t have much of an offseason and lost some big names that made up their team. 


And finally on to the National League West. I am going to get to the point and show you my standing predictions. 1) Dodgers, 2) Padres, 3) Giants, 4) DiamondBacks, 5) Rockies. The Dodgers are untouchable and will be the number one contenders this year. They are the reigning World Series Champions and they are hungry for more. They made major transactions like the signing of Cy-Young award winner Trevor Bauer. Every part of the Dodgers game is scary. Whether it is their lineup or pitching staff they are big time contenders. The Padres will put up a good fight in the division but fall short of winning it. They made some really good offseason moves by acquiring SP Blake Snell, SP Yu Darvish, SP Joe Musgrove, and other big moves like extending SS Fernando Tatis Jr. to a long term contract. They are a young team and will continue to get better as the years pass. The Giants have sneaky potential. They have some good young talent but they don’t match up well with the Dodgers and Padres. For the Rockies and Diamondbacks they both didn’t do much to improve their team for this year, but in the future they will improve. As of now they are not contenders. 


Those are my predictions and thoughts on the upcoming MLB season.

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