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Advice For Incoming Freshmen

On Friday, May 17, the current eighth graders are coming in to visit the high school and meet with their Kenston Connect mentors for the first time. With this being such a nerve-racking time for these incoming freshmen, it might be helpful for upperclassmen to dole out some words of wisdom to make the transition a little bit easier.

Liz Lucarelli said, “Be kind to everybody.”

Ellie Pleune said, “Don’t procrastinate your projects and homework.”

Hope Wolf said, “Don’t be scared about not knowing anyone, there is always someone there for you.”

Mr. C. said, “Walk on the right side of the hallways.”

Molly Cohen said, “To respect everyone.”

Nyla Morrison said, “Get ya money up, not ya funny up.”

Natalie Adante said, “Procrastinating WILL hurt your grade.”

Brooke Bower said, “Do your work because bad grades freshman year will mess you up later.”

Malcolm Linder said, “Have fun, these are some of the greatest years of our lives, don’t worry too much. Expand, make friends, and live your best life.”

Makenna Piepsny said, “Just don’t procrastinate.”

Natalie Alexander said, “make study guides for every big test.”

Rachel Weber said, “Get involved and try to talk to everyone and make friends with them.”

Morgan DiRocco said, “Keep track of your work and get everything done so you don’t get behind.”

Bowen Fogel said, “If you need help just ask teachers they are willing to help.”

Gigi Oakes said, “Get involved in everything you can, join clubs, and sports teams. Go to events, be at football games, and participate in the bomber games.”


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