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The Drastic Effects of the Pandemic on Global Carbon Emissions


Summary: When reports were given throughout 2020, many were excited about the reduced amount of global carbon emissions, hoping this would mean permanent change and an improved Earth. However, the December statistics came back revealing a drastic, sudden increase in the production and use of oil, gas, and coal. According to the Paris Climate Accord, an intergovernmental agency aimed towards helping environmental global issues, numbers increased two percent higher in the 2020 December as opposed to the previous year. This increase is especially shocking due to the seven percent carbon dioxide drop experienced during the 2020 year in total. The agency explains that the sudden raise is due to the rebound in economic activity and lack of clean energy policies. U.S. emissions dropped as well, only to return to about the same levels in an even quicker amount of time, likely as a result of greater coal use from a combination of cold weather and higher gas prices.

Reflection: This article highlights the main struggles of current environmental issues and the problems that resulted in celebrating too early in relation to the carbon dioxide emissions drop. Countries relied too heavily on this being a lasting change and once society began to recover from the pandemic, leaders were left scrambling to find policies. I care deeply about the environment and the fact that it is being battered around upsets me. It is a positive that articles such as these are being written, as that may lead to people being more educated. Global climate change is growing to be more and more of a problem each day and unfortunately, it is overlooked by many. I likely would not have known about the significant decrease and increase of emissions in the previous year if not for this article and that frustrates me because it truly is such an important issue yet it continues to be ignored and undiscussed.

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