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Weekly Art 5/21

This week in art there were many new paintings. Two of them were landscape paintings as well as one creative painting. One landscape painting consisted of a lake and a dock. The painting had a relaxing sunset, as well as a couple of boats in the foreground. This painting uses brilliant colors that will be sure to catch your eye. The second painting consisted of a green open field with hills. This painting uses calming colors so as to not distract the viewer and creates a beautiful scenery. The painting also has a shed in the foreground to give the painting more life. Along with the two scenery paintings, there was one painting that consisted of a crocodile jumping out of a manhole. This painting is distinct from others as it has a pixel background that will attract the viewer, and contains a creative idea of the crocodile jumping from the manhole. Be sure to check out all the new artwork when walking through the halls.


Weekly Art 5/7

This week in art there were many new pieces of landscapes. One of the landscapes was the underside of the dock with waves crashing against the pillars. This painting also has a beautiful sky in the background, going from blue to a subtle pink. Be sure to check out this painting in the halls. Another… Continue Reading

Weekly Art 4/30

There were many new pieces of art this week; they ranged from charcoal drawings to paintings of landscapes. The charcoal drawings consisted of people and usually a piece of a glass item. One drawing was a person looking through a glass. This drawing uses realistic features such as distorting part of the face that is… Continue Reading

4/23 Weekly Art

There were many new artworks this week, every one of them being beautiful in their own way. There were many beautiful painted landscapes; every one of them consisted of colors that compliment one another, and make the piece look alive. There were also new graphite drawings. Each of them only used graphite, but managed to… Continue Reading

4/9 Art

There were many wonderful pieces of art this week. There were many new graphite drawings, each and every one of them being unique. They will be sure to catch your eye. Another piece of art this week was a painting of a cityscape. This painting used colors that compliment one another and create a breathtaking… Continue Reading

Feature Article

COVID-19 Effects on Schools How does COVID affect the student’s ability to learn? In the articles, “How is COVID-19 affecting school learning?” by Megan Kuhfeld, Jim Soland, Angela Johnson, Erik Ruzek, and Karyn Lewis, and “Measuring the Impact of the Coronavirus on Teachers, Students and Schools,” by Lauren Camera, they will go in depth on… Continue Reading

Weekly Art

This week in art, Art II students are finishing up their portraits of their pets. A couple of them are already on display and they have brilliant, vibrant colors. When walking in the halls, be sure to look for them. The portraits contain unique patterns and colors that make each and every one of them… Continue Reading

Weekly Art 2/25

This week in art, Art II students are working on drawing/painting their pets using pastel, watercolor, and much more. The students are using monochromatic colors to make their piece unique and creative. They are also using patterns for textures to expand their ideas of creativity, and to have the ability to freely express themselves. These… Continue Reading

Weekly Art 2/19

This is the week of 2-D design in art. There were multiple 2-D designs, all of them being a sight to see. One of artwork consisted of a green man with a blue and purple background. This design uses the similar cool colors to attract the eye, and get them caught into the painting. A… Continue Reading

Weekly Art 2/12

This week in art, there were many wonderful artworks. The pieces of art consist of digital design and painting. One consists of a golden girl in the grass. The artist used brilliant colors to emphasize the girl. This painting can catch any eye wandering through the hallway. There was also a digital design piece of… Continue Reading