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2019-2020 Wrestling Archives


Date Opponent Results Photos
12/6 Solon TrackWrestling.com Photos
12/12 NDCL View
12/21 Canfield Duels View
12/27 & 12/28 KIT View Photos
1/3 Stemmen Memorial Dual View
1/17 & 1/18 Bill Dies Memorial View
1/25 GIT Wadsworth View
2/8 State Duel Regionals View
2/14 Crestwood View Photos
Senior Night: Bios | Photo Gallery
2/15 WRC View
2/29 Sectionals View Photos


Student Profiles- Rachel Weber

Rachel Weber is a senior here at Kenston High School. She transferred to this school from her old school, Nicolet High School, at the beginning of her sophomore year. The family of 7 moved to Bainbridge from Wisconsin due to a new job opportunity for her dad. Weber has been an involved figure in the… Continue Reading

What If Kenston Goes Online?

Speculations and rumors about Kenston going online have been buzzing around the school. But what will life look like if we go online? The district has already reported that if we switch to remote learning, all students in every grade level will have the same lunch block. Unlike last spring, remote learners will be kept… Continue Reading

Student Mock Election

Happy Election Day! This week, students in the high school did a simulated election. As these teenagers become closer and closer to the legal voting age, it is extremely important for them to start forming their own political voice. In the 2016 election, if “Not Voting” was a candidate it would have won. As a… Continue Reading

Giving Money to the Homeless

A study in Canada, conducted by Foundations for Social Change and University of British Columbia, revealed that homeless people given money are more likely to move into stable housing faster and save enough money to maintain financial security.  For the experiment, 50 subjects who became homeless in the prior 2 years were each given $7,500… Continue Reading

Bomber Bash Lead Crew at Cedar Point

On October 18th, Bomber Bash Lead Crew volunteered with A Kid Again at Cedar Point.  The families that participate in A Kid Again were able to spend the day exploring the amusement park.  During October, Cedar Point is decorated for Halloween and has many festive activities and events.  Many volunteers and participants even wore their… Continue Reading

Kenston Preparing Students for Their Future

On Wednesday, October 14th, Kenston High School had College and Career Readiness Day.  While freshman and sophomores took the PSAT, juniors and seniors were able to go on college visits, take the SAT, and do anything to help them prepare for their future.  In these times especially, it is difficult for individuals to take such… Continue Reading

The heroic effort in the Amazon to save one of the world’s largest eagles

https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/2020/04/saving-worlds-largest-eagle/ By Rachel Nuwer Weighing a whopping 25 pounds, harpy eagles are the largest specimen in the eagle family, and often considered one of the most spectacular birds. These predatory animals fill a key ecological role keeping prey populations under control. However, the number of eagles who abide in the wild is diminishing. In fact,… Continue Reading

Bomber Bash Golf Outing 2020

When: Sunday, October 4, 2020 Where: Tanglewood Golf Course Time: Check-in starting at 11:30 am, Lunch, Shotgun Start at 1:00 pm, Dinner at 6:00 pm   What is Kenston Bomber Bash? Typically, this event is held for Kenston High School Students. It is an overnight lock-in celebration event, which raises money for a local charity,… Continue Reading