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AP Testing

Students who have taken AP classes this school year, or are currently in any AP classes, are required to take an AP test for each AP course taken.   AP tests give students an opportunity to earn college credit, so doing well on these tests are important. Each student who will be taking an AP test this coming May should have received a schedule of when their test will be held, and where it will be held. Be sure to arrive on time to your designated exam. The make-up day for all grades is April 29. If you have an 11:45 exam, and normally eat lunch during A or B, eat at your normal time. If you normally eat C or D, eat during lunch B on your exam day. If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Kardamis. A copy of the schedule is below:

Week 1

Monday, May 4- Chemistry: 7:45 AB Room, Environmental Science: 7:45 Library,

Psychology: 11:45 AB Room

Tuesday, May 5- Calculus AB and BC: 7:45 Main Gym

Wednesday, May 6- English Lit. (IV): 7:45 Main Gym, Physics 1: 7:45 AB Room

Thursday, May 7- Computer Science: 7:45 AB Room, Spanish: 7:45 Library/IVDL,

Art History: 11:45 Guidance Conf. Rm

Friday, May 8- US History: 7:45 Main Gym, Studio Art 2-D: 11:00 A101, European History: 11:45 Main


Week 2

Monday, May 11- Biology: 7:45 Library

Tuesday, May 12- U.S. Gov: 7:45 Aux Gym, French Language: 11:45 Library/IVDL

Wednesday, May 13- English Lang. (III): 7:45 Main Gym, Statistics: 11:45 Main Gym

Thursday, May 14- Comparative Government: 7:45 Guidance Conf. Room, Macroeconomics: 11:45 AB


Friday, May 15- Microeconomics: 7:45 Guidance Conf. Room

Girls Golf

The girls’ golf team will always be in need of new teammates, so anyone who is interested in simply starting up a new sport should really show some interest.  No one will be judged for just starting, so don’t be shy and try out for the team! No one gets cut, and you get to… Continue Reading

The Mute Swan

On Sunday, March 15, Halle Fodor, Sammy Hajdu, DeeDee Doe, and Tori Doran volunteered to help the nonprofit organization called The Mute Swan. The project these girls worked on was called the Beautiful Baby Project. This project helps single, soon to be mothers who have decided to keep their babies despite the difficulties they may… Continue Reading

Scholarship Deadlines Approaching!

College seems to be getting more and more expensive each year. We are all searching for resources to earn some extra money to help pay the hefty cost of college. Kenston has always been very helpful in this field. There is an abundance of local money out there for us seniors to snatch up by… Continue Reading

Meet a Foreign Exchange Student

February 10,2015 Tori Doran [KHS Web Builder] Nepaedee Doe has flown 5,753 miles from her hometown of Monrovia, Liberia to Bainbridge, Ohio in hopes of furthering her education and exploring the land of America! Nepaedee is a junior this year, and has had to adjust in many ways that us Bombers may not even realize. To… Continue Reading