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Sperm Whales Love Chilling With the Boys

Believed to Be Solitary, Male Sperm Whales Actually Hang With the Boys – In Friendships That Can Last Years

While female sperm whales almost always live together in pods.  But male Sperm whales are known to spend most of their time hunting in  the bottom of the ocean, because of this, they are not easy to study.  But a Japanese biologist has recently discovered that male sperm whales form strong friendships with other males.  These bonds can even last for life. A pair of whales was recorded spending hours of time together hanging out over the course of a week.  Whales can form friendships just like humans, this could mean that whales are smarter than we realized.


I think that whale friendships are incredible.  The fact that male sperm whales spend so much time together just chilling astounds me.  I never could have thought that whales of all species form relationships that last for so long.  We thought male sperm whales were a mostly solitary species, but I guess we were wrong about that.  I can’t wait to see what this means for the animal kingdom now.

2020-2021 Hockey Archives

Final Record: 4-10-1 Roster: Date Opponent Results Photos 12/26 KHS 2 ~ Solon 5 Goals: Phillips (1), Krahe (1) Assists: Benjamin (1) 12/26 KHS 1 ~ Olmstead Falls 7 Goals: Phillips (1) Assists: Parker (1) 12/27 KHS 8 ~ N. Olmstead 4 Goals: Krahe (5), Phillips (2), Keen (1) Assists: Phillips (2), Forte (2), Parker,… Continue Reading

Improved Pictures of Black Hole ~ Troy Krahe

Global Telescope Creates Exquisite Map of Black Hole’s Swirling Magnetic Field Using the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), a group of astronomers were able to take new pictures of M87, the supermassive black hole that is more than 6 billion times larger than the sun.  Using these new pictures, the scientists were able to measure a… Continue Reading

Pyra and Mythra reasing in Smash

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s newest DLC fighters, Pyra and Mythra, will be available today The newest DLC character in Smash Bros Ultimate will be released on March 4.  The newest fighter, Pyra/Mythra is from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and the player can switch between Pyra who is slow but powerful and Mythra, who is faster but… Continue Reading

Pokémon’s 25th Anniversery

Pokémon turns 25 this year! Pokémon is celebrating its 25th anniversary and people are expecting big things in 2021.  Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes have been rumored for release this year, so there isn’t much room for surprise this year but Nintendo is known for pulling tricks on game releases. I may not be the… Continue Reading