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My Experience with Dogs

Pets are a huge part of most of our lives and in fact, they have had a huge impact on me. Personally, I am a dog person but I also like cats, it’s just that most of my family is allergic. So I have always had a dog growing up, My family’s first dog was named Cayo and honestly, he was like a best friend to me because the truth is I didn’t have very many friends at my old school. Luckily he lived a long happy life and lived until he was 16 in human years and honestly I think that was mostly because he had a sister. Personally, I think dogs live a longer and happier life when they have a younger brother or sister with them because it keeps them more active. Now I  don’t know If this has scientifically been proven but that was always my theory. 

I did a little research into this topic and while there was nothing that said strictly that dogs live longer when there is another dog in the house it did say that exercise is easy to extend your dog’s lifespan. So in a way, I was somewhat right, but while I was doing my research, some other information came up that dogs could actually extend the owners’ life span. Personally, this doesn’t surprise me that much because a dog can keep you active but I guess I never thought that a dog would benefit you.

Apparently, cats also can extend their owner’s lifespan because they make the owner aware of health issues for when they get older. Honestly to me, this was kind of a stretch because there is no guarantee that you will become aware of health issues but  I guess it is somewhat of a reason to adopt an animal so I guess in a way it’s a benefit. Also, I think that the benefits of having a pet in your life go way longer than health benefits in my opinion. For me I think just having a furry friend that you can go to when you are sad makes me happy. Also, I think the benefits go both ways because you’re giving that animal a home and feeding it.

Overall having animals in animals in the house is a lot of work and I could see why many young adults don’t have pets because they do take a lot of work. Overall you would never want to put yourself or the dog in a position where you wouldn’t be able to take care of an animal so I can see why many adults choose not to get dogs. Plus If you have never trained a puppy before it can be hard to get that dog to listen to you and be obedient. Plus dog food isn’t inexpensive and the cost adds up over time. So I guess in a way you can buy extra years in your life but it also takes a lot of work. 

There are a lot of things that go into owning a dog not to mention all the things you have to do to get money for things like dog food plus water bills because water is not free. Plus you have to keep the dog active and train it and develop a relationship with your dog which doesn’t just take one day and in fact, it can take a long time with certain dogs especially rescue dogs because they could have been from an abusive house or any other situation which could have created the dog to feel unsafe around humans.

You always want to make sure your dog trusts you as a person because this can lead to obedience issues down the road and if the dog doesn’t trust you it could just refuse to do what you ask of it. You really want to get the fundamentals down early to make sure that you get the fundamentals like sit and stay down early so that you don’t struggle getting a pet to learn something later in life. Overall it is just good to develop trust with both you and your dog and from this, you can get the benefits of pet ownership.

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