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Ways to De-stress Yourself

After a long day at school there are ways to help de-stress yourself before you go on to homework or extra curricular:

  • Take a 10 minute walk
  • Eat a snack
  • Buy a plant
  • Play so music
  • Treat yourself to some chocolate
  • Chew some gum
  • Watch videos to relax
  • Hanging out with some friends
  • Coloring, Drawing, or Crafts
  • Take a 20 minute nap

Doing these steps will help stimulate your brain and prepare you for the rest of the day!

Kenston’s Figure Skating Team

The Kenston figure skating team attended the national high school competition on February 8th and 9th. With the representatives of Viktoria (12), Maegen (11), Jillian (5), Abby (5), and Brynn (5) competing on Saturday and Sunday in different events throughout the weekend with kids from different schools and grades 5th to 12th. Meagen was the… Continue Reading