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Weekly Art 5/21

This week in art there were many new paintings. Two of them were landscape paintings as well as one creative painting. One landscape painting consisted of a lake and a dock. The painting had a relaxing sunset, as well as a couple of boats in the foreground. This painting uses brilliant colors that will be… Continue Reading

Shark Tank Presentations

This week in Mr. Murphy’s Introduction to Business classes, Shark Tank presentations will be given. Shark Tank is a show where business owners get to pitch their product idea to entrepreneurs and try to make a deal with them. In this deal, the entrepreneurs, or the sharks, give money to get the business off the… Continue Reading

Weekly Art 5/7

This week in art there were many new pieces of landscapes. One of the landscapes was the underside of the dock with waves crashing against the pillars. This painting also has a beautiful sky in the background, going from blue to a subtle pink. Be sure to check out this painting in the halls. Another… Continue Reading

Weekly Art 4/30

There were many new pieces of art this week; they ranged from charcoal drawings to paintings of landscapes. The charcoal drawings consisted of people and usually a piece of a glass item. One drawing was a person looking through a glass. This drawing uses realistic features such as distorting part of the face that is… Continue Reading