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Weekly Art 2/25

This week in art, Art II students are working on drawing/painting their pets using pastel, watercolor, and much more. The students are using monochromatic colors to make their piece unique and creative. They are also using patterns for textures to expand their ideas of creativity, and to have the ability to freely express themselves. These monochromatic artworks are bound to catch anyone’s eyes throughout the hallway.

In Art I, students are starting their first still life. They will be using graphite to create the form of objects they will be drawing. The students will be using their knowledge of perspective, shape, and texture to create an extravagant piece of work. Be on the lookout for Art I students’ still lifes.

Weekly Art 2/19

This is the week of 2-D design in art. There were multiple 2-D designs, all of them being a sight to see. One of artwork consisted of a green man with a blue and purple background. This design uses the similar cool colors to attract the eye, and get them caught into the painting. A… Continue Reading

Weekly Art 2/12

This week in art, there were many wonderful artworks. The pieces of art consist of digital design and painting. One consists of a golden girl in the grass. The artist used brilliant colors to emphasize the girl. This painting can catch any eye wandering through the hallway. There was also a digital design piece of… Continue Reading

Students Needed for Research Studies

The Junior AP Research class members have been preparing for their research projects since the beginning of the school year and are moving onto the data collection elements in their projects. Participants will be needed to help these students complete their studies and it would be greatly appreciated if you helped out. Each individual in… Continue Reading

Weekly Art

Students of 3-D art, remember to pick your clay sculptures up. They have been there for a long time and are in need for their owners. Talk to the 3-D art teacher, Mrs. Bibza if you want to claim your sculpture.  Art 4 student, Maggie Eibler painted a wonderful painting of a staircase of Stan… Continue Reading

Web Builder Profile for Julia Sell

21 January 2020 Hi : My name is Julia Sell and this is my junior year at Kenston High School. I signed up for Web Design because I thought it would be a fun and creative class to participate in.   Presently, my computer background consists of very little knowledge, but I have been working… Continue Reading