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Pig Painting May Be World’s Oldest Cave Art Yet

Article Title: Pig Painting May Be World’s Oldest Cave Art Yet

Link: Pig Painting May Be World’s Oldest Cave Art Yet, Archaeologists Say


Summary: In a discrete cave tucked away on an island in Indonesia, an image of a pig has been discovered. What makes this pig special is that it’s believed to be the oldest known work of cave art. It is estimated to be 45,500 years old. It was discovered during an archaeological survey done by Basrasn Burhan. The cave is in Sulawesi and also has 43,900-year-old artwork of human-animal hybrids. There is a debate as to whether homo sapiens had once inhabited the island or if it was members of an extinct human species. The only skeletons found have resembled hominins, a broader concept as opposed to the specific modern-day human. The artwork does resemble elements such as twisted perspective that correlate elements of modern humans’ prehistoric art, however. The topic is extremely controversial. The archaeologists are sure of the image’s credibility because the cave is virtually impossible to reach without special measures. They also used reliable uranium-series dating to determine its minimum age. The archaeologists believe that there is more to be discovered on the island. Although this is true, they must discover these works fast. Scientists state that the works are being exfoliated and may soon disappear due to the long duration of time they are believed to have been here. Research crews are working against the clock to reveal history before it is gone forever.

Personal Reflection: These discoveries bring many questions to light when it comes to the history of art, communication, expression, and even anatomy. Simple discoveries can lead to possible ideas and new information. It is also surprising to learn that some essential works of art could be gone very soon. It presents the importance of the research as we work to discover more about where we came from and how we communicated with one another.

YouTube Joins Twitter, Facebook In Taking Down Trump’s Account After Capitol Siege

Link: https://www.npr.org/sections/congress-electoral-college-tally-live-updates/2021/01/13/956317191/youtube-joins-twitter-facebook-in-taking-down-trumps-account-after-capitol-siege   As Trump’s term comes violently spiraling to an end, Big tech companies are starting to censor him. YouTube, citing “the ongoing potential for violence,” has removed him for at least 1 one week from the platform, just like Twitter and Facebook have done. As the nation prepares for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration… Continue Reading

U.S. announces new rules for drones and their operators.

Link: https://www.npr.org/2020/12/29/951010863/u-s-announces-new-rules-for-drones-and-their-operators   Federal regulators have decided to issue new federal guidelines allowing drones to operate at night and over people. These specific changes could potentially expand the use of drones for commercial usage. New rules from the FAA will also require remote identification technology so that the machines can be identifiable from the ground.… Continue Reading

COVID Variant Case

Title: Second Strain of Coronavirus Makes an Appearance Link: Possible Second Covid Variant Case Found in Colorado – Bloomberg Summary: A strain of Covid has been quickly spreading in the U.K and has officially made its mark in the United States. Colorado reported the first case of the Covid-19 variant. This case is a member… Continue Reading

Amazon, TikTok, Facebook, Others Ordered To Explain What They Do With User Data

https://www.npr.org/2020/12/15/946583479/amazon-tiktok-facebook-others-ordered-to-explain-what-they-do-with-user-data   Most of us by now know that most of the things we do online today don’t go away.  These social media platforms remember that post we liked or what we commented on someone else’s page. Big government is finally demanding answers. The Federal Trades Commission is demanding that 9 social media platforms share… Continue Reading

Pfizer Vaccine Cleared in U.S.

Article Title: Pfizer Vaccine Cleared in U.S., a Landmark in Covid-19 Flight Article Link: Pfizer Vaccine Cleared in U.S., a Landmark in Covid-19 Fight – Bloomberg Summary: The Pfizer vaccine was cleared as Covid-19 case numbers continue to rise in the U.S. The first people to receive the vaccine will be frontline health care workers… Continue Reading

Criminals are getting smarter in use of digital currencies to launder money

Link https://www.reuters.com/article/crypto-currencies-criminals/criminals-getting-smarter-in-use-of-digital-currencies-to-launder-money-idUSKBN28J1IX   You may be frightened to hear that as we develop and evolve technologically as a group, so do the criminals of that said group. It was reported that hundreds of millions of dollars worth of dirty funds were flowing through digital wallets last year. At least 13% of all criminal proceeds in… Continue Reading