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Upcoming Bomber Bash News

Last year, due to Covid, Bomber Bash was a little different than it normally is. In place of the usual student lock in, Lead Crew put together a golf outing. Groups of 4 got together and played a scramble game. This means after every hit, each player plays from the farthest hit ball. There were competitions at different holes and sponsor signs promoting the business that donated to the event. At the end of the outing, dinner was served to the players and Lead Crew running the event. During dinner, speeches were given by administrators and some Lead Crew members. The winners of the hole competitions were announced and prizes were given out to those winners. This coming fall, due to Covid, a similar event will be held. The golf outing will be at the Tanglewood Golf Course and like last year, we are hoping to sell out all the spots available! Along with the golf outing, Lead Crew is planning on putting on some sort of student event like the lock in. The lock in won’t be all night like the previous event but the team is working to make it the best event possible considering the circumstances we are under. The event will still hopefully be at the high school and those who attend will be supporting A Kid Again.

For those who don’t know what A Kid Again is, it is an organization that provides therapy and events to improve the lives of children with life-threatening illnesses. All the money from the golf outing and the student lock in go to A Kid Again to help all the kids with illnesses. The money raised helps fund events for the kids, for example, there is a Cedar Point trip where the kids get to explore the park and ride all the roller coasters. There is also an event at the Cleveland Metro Park Zoo and the kids get to see all the animals around the zoo. A final event that they put on is a Christmas party for the kids. Normally, a big party is put on and all the kids gather and hang out with each other, however, this year the party was a little different. The kids stayed with their parents in their cars and drove through a Christmas light show. Near the end of the show, myself along with other volunteers handed the kids meals for their families and gave them presents. The kids were so happy to receive a gift and the joy on their faces was unforgettable. I had a great time being a part of this event and would definitely do it again next year. These events allow the kids to have a little taste of normalcy and allows them to forget about their illness even if it is just for a couple hours.

In the past few years, the event that the Lead Crew has put on has generated a lot of money to donate to A Kid Again. With the help of the students and parents the events can be bigger and better than ever before! Whether it is a simple donation or attending the events themselves, anything will help create a better experience for these kids. When sign ups are available, don’t forget to put down your name! The events are a lot of fun and you don’t want to miss out! 

Bomber Bash Lead Crew at Cedar Point

On October 18th, Bomber Bash Lead Crew volunteered with A Kid Again at Cedar Point.  The families that participate in A Kid Again were able to spend the day exploring the amusement park.  During October, Cedar Point is decorated for Halloween and has many festive activities and events.  Many volunteers and participants even wore their… Continue Reading

Bomber Bash Golf Outing 2020

When: Sunday, October 4, 2020 Where: Tanglewood Golf Course Time: Check-in starting at 11:30 am, Lunch, Shotgun Start at 1:00 pm, Dinner at 6:00 pm   What is Kenston Bomber Bash? Typically, this event is held for Kenston High School Students. It is an overnight lock-in celebration event, which raises money for a local charity,… Continue Reading

Bomber Bash

2/19 Bomber Bash Gives to A-Kid-Again Photos   Bomber Bash Lead Crew Application For 2021-2022 A link to the Google Form can be found here. Please note the new deadline is for Friday, March 26, 2021. Bomber Bash Photos From 2019-2020 Early Evening Late Night Archive Photos 2018-2019 Assembly Photos Bomber Bash   2017-2018 Camera… Continue Reading