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Russian Club at Kenston

Russian club gives students a chance to dig deeper into the Russian culture. They can experience life in Russia by eating Russian foods and living out their lifestyles. Joining the Russian club can also look good on your résumé for colleges. Especially if you’re going to college for a teaching degree. In general, it gives you a more diverse background. So if you ever go to Russia, you would be able to understand them more. Mr. Krejsa is in charge of the Russian club and Jack Ussery and Nathan Snyder are the current presidents of the Russian club. Kenston students contribute to bringing in different types of foods and games from Russia. Mr. Krejsa shows them games and music from Russia for them to enjoy. He also tells old folk tales to the class. This club usually meets up during homeroom once a week. It’s a good way for students to take a load off in the middle of the stressful school day and interact with each other while learning about their Culture. 

Jack Ussery, the president of the club said, “Russian club is great for those who love to learn about Russian culture. We also have food days and have presentations every other week”

Jack Kubaitis