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Kenston Preparing Students for Their Future

On Wednesday, October 14th, Kenston High School had College and Career Readiness Day.  While freshman and sophomores took the PSAT, juniors and seniors were able to go on college visits, take the SAT, and do anything to help them prepare for their future.  In these times especially, it is difficult for individuals to take such standardized exams.  By providing students with the opportunity to take the SAT,  Kenston gives them an advantage in the college application process.  This is one of the many reasons why Kenston is ranked 28th in college readiness of the 691 Ohio high schools.  Whether it be college or entering the workforce, the district’s care for the futures of its attendees goes beyond College and Career Readiness day.  They have implemented a “College Research” class to prepare high schoolers for a successful, independent life.  On top of this, the school has representatives from numerous colleges come and present to interested juniors and seniors.  Kenston is supporting the students’ futures and supplying them with the resources they need to succeed. 

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Netflix Updates

The top ten movies/shows on Netflix this week… The Haunting of Bly Manor Hubie Halloween Emily In Paris Moneyball Schitt’s Creek The 100 The Cabin with Bert Kreischer Evil One on One Cocomelon Top 5 Summaries: The Haunting of Bly Manor: An American supernatural horror drama television series, created by Mike Flanagan for Netflix. It… Continue Reading

Such a Fun Age

Author Kiley Reid wrote Such a Fun Age. This debut novel was published in 2019. It tells the story of a young black woman named Emira. She is a babysitter for the two children of Alix and Peter, who are white. Their kids are named Briar and Catherine. After Peter made an assumably racist comment… Continue Reading

Netflix: Halloween Edition

This Halloween is approaching fast. Netflix has a huge selection of scary movies and new releases for everyone this year. So, let’s check them out! First off we have the highly anticipated Hubie Halloween that came out on Wednesday. With many well-known actors including Adam Sandler, this is bound to be a great Halloween comedy.… Continue Reading

10 Tips for Better Sleep

As high school students with extremely busy schedules and almost no time to ourselves, sleep is something that isn’t necessarily the priority at all. Many students have so much going on that they are constantly stressed and their minds are reeling all the time. In order to feel energized for the busy day ahead and… Continue Reading

Covid-19 Weekly Update October 5, 2020

By: Lauren Jaroch In the last seven days, the number of new reported cases around the world comes to a total of 2,000,967 people and 36,475 deaths making the total 34 million cases, 1.01 million deaths, and 23.7 million recovered cases. With 38 percent of the world’s new cases and 52 percent of all the… Continue Reading

World News 9/28-10/2

Here is your weekly world newsflash: On Monday, as of today the number of deaths from coronavirus has passed 1 million. Coronavirus virus has now killed more people than H.I.V., dysentery, measles, malaria, influenza, and cholera combined. It has now been 10 months since this mysterious and deadly virus has started. By the rate it… Continue Reading

New York’s Countdown

Article Link A New York Clock That Told Time Now Tells the Time Remaining Summary This incredible display in New York City used to count down the hours left until midnight. It has now been given a more important job. The clock is counting down the time we have left before irreversible global warming is… Continue Reading

Article: “North Korea ‘killed and burned South Korean official’“ From BBC News Summary:  A South Korean was just recently not only shot but also burned at sea around 6 miles away from the two countries border. This isn’t the first time that the North has shot and killed an innocent civilian, back in July of… Continue Reading

Murph & Co. Has Products!

Murph & Co. New Products! Murph & Co. has released their first wave of new, amazing products which consist of stickers, t-shirts, and masks. There are three different stickers to choose from: a retro Seniors and Kenston sticker in white, yellow, and orange and a tie dye peace sign sticker. Stickers sell for $1.00 or… Continue Reading