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Vanessa Bryant gives powerful speech inducting Kobe Bryant into Basketball Hall of Fame

  Vanessa Bryant gives powerful speech inducting Kobe Bryant into Basketball Hall of Fame   While making a speech at the Basketball Hall of Fame Vanessa Bryant imagined her late husband Kobe Bryant reaction to hearing her praise.  On Saturday Kobe Bryant posthumously inducted into the hall of fame along with other all time greats… Continue Reading

Pattern of Unexpected Weather Conditions Continue in the South-Central United States

Summary: The South-Central United States have been traumatized from the multiple severe and unpredicted weather conditions that have arisen in 2021 alone. Currently, there is a high risk of injury due to the flooding and rain, primarily in Louisiana and Texas. With over thirty million people being given a flash flood warning, water levels are… Continue Reading

My Experience with Dogs

Pets are a huge part of most of our lives and in fact, they have had a huge impact on me. Personally, I am a dog person but I also like cats, it’s just that most of my family is allergic. So I have always had a dog growing up, My family’s first dog was… Continue Reading

To-do on your next trip to Romania

Summary: Bran’s Castle, located in Romania, is said to be of similar resemblance to that of Count Dracula, a character in Bram Stoker’s 1897 book “Dracula”. Historians want to clarify that while the character of Dracula was rumored to be based off of Vlad the Impaler, Bran Castle has no connection to Vlad and is… Continue Reading


Doge-Coin as of recently has been blowing up. Some people may ask what is Doge-Coin? Well let me explain it to you. Doge-Coin is a crypto currency like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Doge-Coin was created as a joke back in 2013 when barely anyone knew about crypto currency as a whole. The term “Doge” is an… Continue Reading