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LaMarcus Aldridge Retires from NBA After 15 Years Because of Irregular Heartbeat


Summary: Seven time NBA All Star Lamarcus Aldridge recently announced that he will be retiring from the league due to a heart condition. Two out of the 3 teams that Lamarcus spent his career with recently sent out newsletters sending their regards and hoping for the best. He says that he currently feels better but what he felt the night of his irregular heartbeat was pure horror and he was terrified. In his prime, he was a premier power forward. He’s one of the few players in league history with at least 19,000 points, 8000 rebounds, 2000 assists and 1000 blocks. 


Personal Reflection:  As I read the article, I was saddened. Lamarcus Aldridge was a great player and to see him go this way was horrible. After spending most of his career for the Portland Trailblazers and the Spurs, he recently went to the Nets and was pretty sure he was going to receive his first championship. He was a great player and it sucks to see that his heart condition finally got the best of him; hopefully during his retirement from basketball, he can recover and be well.

Floating Hotels: Science Fiction or Reality?

Floating hotel concept creates its own electricity CNN Article Summary: In a growing world of eco friendly design, floating hotels have quickly grown in attention and popularity, as they reap many benefits for improving the current environmental status of the world. A Turkish designer recently proposed a rotating, on-water hotel that is able to create… Continue Reading

Improved Pictures of Black Hole ~ Troy Krahe

Global Telescope Creates Exquisite Map of Black Hole’s Swirling Magnetic Field Using the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), a group of astronomers were able to take new pictures of M87, the supermassive black hole that is more than 6 billion times larger than the sun.  Using these new pictures, the scientists were able to measure a… Continue Reading

Guess These Kindergartners!

Check back each day until school is over as we will be adding kindergarten pictures here. Guess which seniors they are. NOTE TO SENIORS: If you did not attend Kenston for kindergarten, email your kindergarten picture to KHS@KenstonLocal.com and we will add you to this page. Friday April 16th, 2021   Thursday April 15th, 2021… Continue Reading

Inspiring 10-Year-Old Dancer-Tessa Puma

I interviewed my dance little sis, Tessa Puma on March 23, 2021. I thought I’d tell you guys about Tessa’s story! Tessa is the most inspirational ten-year-old girl I have ever met! Almost four years ago, Tessa was in the hospital with strep throat. The strep ended up transferring down to her leg and got… Continue Reading