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A Message from the Kenston Foundation Scholarship Committee

Dear Kenston Foundation Scholarship Applicant:

We would like to thank you for applying for one (or more) of the Kenston Foundation’s available scholarships and congratulate you on your upcoming graduation!

Each year the Kenston Foundation awards between 25-30 scholarships with an average of 60-80 students who apply.  This year we had the large number of applications, making it a highly-competitive year for Kenston Foundation scholarships.

In the interest of full disclosure, we want to let you know that the Scholarship Committee makes its decision to award scholarships based on the following factors: (1) the caliber and completeness of the application submitted, including essays, recommendations and resume; (2) how well the applicant satisfies the criteria of each individual scholarship as established by the respective sponsor; and (3) the in-person or video interviews. Please note that any application that is incomplete in any way will result in an automatic disqualification from consideration.  The Scholarship Committee’s decisions are made in its sole and exclusive discretion in accordance with the foregoing factors and its decisions are FINAL. If a student has a question regarding a particular scholarship award, that student is welcome to contact the committee members after the Senior Scholarship breakfast or after the scholarships have been announced and awarded to discuss the Scholarship Committee’s decisions.  However, the decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final and will not be modified.  Additionally, the Scholarship Committee will not discuss applications, essays, or its decisions with parents of any students, even if the student provides his/her/their permission.  The students are solely responsible for any follow up if they have questions.

Due to Coronavirus, the District and Board of Education has put the Senior Scholarship breakfast is on hold. In the past, if you were awarded a scholarship, you would receive an invitation to the Senior Scholarship breakfast from the Kenston Board of Education.

Please note that you will not receive anything from the Kenston Foundation as the breakfast is hosted by the Kenston Board of Education and scholarships from many different community organizations will be awarded at the breakfast.

The Kenston Foundation will celebrate the scholarship winners. How this will happen has yet to be determined.  But we will Celebrate!

Thank you again for applying for a Kenton Foundation Scholarship and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

 The Kenston Foundation Scholarship Committee

Guess These Kindergartners

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Seeing double, triple and even more!

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Vote for Class Officers

On May 14th you have the opportunity to elect new class officers. They will be in-charge of fundraisers and class activities to help plan and make money for your senior prom. Vote for who you think would be the best fit to run and manage your grade. You have the opportunity to change the course… Continue Reading