• Dr. Herpy

NHS Induction Ceremony 2020

This Wednesday, October 15 was the 2020 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony for the incoming juniors to the program. As an NHS tradition, each year a current member gives an induction speech for a new member. The speeches usually include the inductees’ attributes and accomplishments that earned their entry into the program. Another long standing tradition on this night is the candle lighting ceremony, in which four candles are lit to represent the four pillars of the National Honor Society. These values are recited to the new members and the audience during this time. NHS members had to implement some new guidelines this year because of COVID restrictions and social distancing, but we are still as excited ever to welcome the new members into the program.

August 16, 2020

Join the Speech and Debate Team!  Just email Coach Voudris at stephan.voudris@kenstonapps.org to express your interest or to get more information.  Speech and Debate is a fun academic competition against other high schools that focuses on public speaking, debating, writing and acting skills.  Because of COVID-19, tournaments are being held online via the internet for most of this season,… Continue Reading

Senior Graduation Celebration

This year due to the coronavirus the senior of 2020 can not have a proper graduation. But that is not stopping some of them from continuing traditions that have been going on for years.  One student by the name of Victor Agresta is caning out one of those traditions himself.  He has decided to put… Continue Reading