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First CEC Meeting of the Year!!

This past Wednesday, October 29, the CEC Club had its first meeting of the year. It was super exciting to finally meet outside of school again! We did a scavenger hunt around the Kenston campus with the windmill, the rocks, and the Kenston Giving Garden as some popular destinations for clues. It was a little chilly and muddy, but it was a fun, COVID-safe activity to kickstart our year. Plus, we had plenty of donuts after! CEC welcomes and encourages potential new members to reach out to Mrs. Phipps and come to the next meeting.

CEC 2020

To kick off this school year, the CEC club has been making some changes to how they can have events and enjoy time together. The utmost priority is to make sure that all of the members are interacting safely due to COVID, and to execute this idea, CEC is being very careful. Despite the changes… Continue Reading

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Autism Awareness Month

The whole month of April is Autism Awareness Month. Due to the pandemic, the Creating Exceptional Character Club (CEC) decided to “virtually gather” wearing blue. The month is dedicated to helping spread awareness, promote acceptance, and ignite change. The Autism Society of America is excited to celebrate this year with a new campaign, celebrating differences.… Continue Reading

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This Thanksgiving the CEC club ate lots of deserts. We had pumpkin pie, cookie cake, cookies, oreo’s, and more. The CEC club had several people come to our Thanksgiving party. We all had so much fun. We played several games such as naming different types of candies and asking each other questions. So far we… Continue Reading

CEC Club Officers

The CEC Club officer votes are in. The President this year will be senior Santina Scafidii. The new co Vice Presidents this year are Caleigh R. and Mackenzie B. There is also Secretary and Treasurer. This year our Secretary is Kelsey K, and our treasurer is Valerie Brown. We have many activity’s this year such… Continue Reading

Come Join CEC Club

For those of you who don’t know, CEC club is a club that works to spread acceptance and love towards all of our friends that have special needs at Kenston High School. We plan many fun activities throughout the year including our Halloween party that was this past Monday where we carved pumpkins and sent… Continue Reading

Join CEC Club!

Want to join CEC Club? You’re in luck, it is an easy process with many benefits. CEC is a club that students get together to work with other peers with a disability. We go on field trips, spread acceptance, become friendly faces, do after school activities, and much more. There is a Google Classroom where… Continue Reading

CEC Valentine’s Day Party

CEC Club is having a wonderful party tonight. The students will be making sugar cookies and decorating them in Mrs. Ganoe’s room after school for a belated-Valentine’s Day celebration. Cookies, chocolate, and friends – what more could you ask for for Valentine’s day? Hope to see you there! Continue Reading

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C.E.C. Homecoming Parade Success

The homecoming parade was a huge success!  C.E.C created a Little Red Riding Hood themed float.  With students dressed up as the Wolf, Little Red and Grandma it looked like the float came right out of a storybook.  Following the theme everyone threw candy from woven baskets just like in the story.  With the baskets… Continue Reading