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NHS Interviews signups

NHS Interviews signups are posted by the guidance office.
Interviews are Tuesday the17th and Wednesday the 18th after school.


NHS Variety Show

2/28/2019 NHS Variety Show
Photos: Act I | Act II

2018 Variety Show

2/22/2018 Variety Show Photos: Act I  | Intermission | Act II

9/17 2018-2019 NHS Inductees View Names

Welcome to Kenston High School’s chapter of the National Honor Society! We are an organization dedicated to scholarship, leadership, service, and character. All members are required to be of good academic standing and show a commitment to community service and school spirit. Juniors and Seniors that match this criteria are encouraged to apply! If you are academically eligible, you will receive and application packet at student orientation in the fall. More information (including our bylaws) can be found below and on the sidebar. Thanks for visiting!

The Late Night Show!

2/23/2017 The Late Night Show!
Photos: Preshow | Act I | Act II; Videos
2015-2016 Variety Show

4/22/2016 Variety Show Photos: Act 1 | Act 2
: Induction Ceremony Photos

NHS Annual Blood Drive Was a Success

NHS Annual Blood Drive Was a Success

The annual blood drive hosted by Kenston’s National Honors Society was a success for 2021. In all, there were 83 pints of blood donated, which helped about 250 people. Amelia Witmer-Rich, along with the blood drive committee, put in time and effort to be sure it met Covid-19 guidelines. There was a hands-free temperature scanner at the check in, along with social distancing in the waiting areas and the gym. The students were provided with food and drinks both before and after their donation. The American Red Cross was very pleased with the positive outcome of this blood drive and excited for next year. The blood drive next year is scheduled more towards the end of March, but is not final yet. Overall, the hard work put into this event definitely payed off and helped many people’s lives.

NHS Blood Drive 2021

Kenston’s National Honors Society has organized this year’s blood drive. The blood drive will take place during the school day on February 25, 2021 in both the auxiliary and main gym at the high school. Amelia Witmer-Rich and her committee have worked very carefully to make the process Covid-19 safe. The NHS members safely hosted… Continue Reading

NHS Induction Ceremony 2020

This Wednesday, October 15 was the 2020 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony for the incoming juniors to the program. As an NHS tradition, each year a current member gives an induction speech for a new member. The speeches usually include the inductees’ attributes and accomplishments that earned their entry into the program. Another long standing… Continue Reading

Blankets of Honor

Juniors Nathan Gaskins and Gillian Oakes are working on a new service project with The National Honors Society. The National Honors Society is a nationwide organization for high school students.The main focuses of the organization are scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The service project Nathan and Gillian are working on is focused on giving back… Continue Reading