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Welcome to PACK (Political Action Committee of Kenston)! We meet every Monday during homeroom. Our club conducts discussions on current events and other exciting topics. Hope to see you there!

PACK Officers:

Brandon Oakes and Owen Rolf – Co-Presidents

Candidates Night

10/18 Candidates Night


PACK Quick Links

Politico | FOX News | CNN News | MSNBC | Cleveland.com | Wall Street Journal | USAToday | The New York Times | The Washington Post

Campaign Funding:


Our Government:

U.S. Constitution

Declaration of Independence

Federal Government:

Donald Trump – President | Mike Pence – Vice President | U.S. Senate | U.S. House of Representatives | Sherrod Brown – Senior Senator | Rob Portman – Junior Senator  | David Joyce – Congressman | U.S. Supreme Court

State Government:

Mike DeWine – GovernorJohn Eklund – State Senator | Ohio Supreme Court

Local Government:

Chardon Court (Judge Terri L. Stupica) | Bainbridge Township | Auburn Township

Political Parties:

Republican Party | Democratic Party | Libertarian Party | Green Party

Political Quizzes:

I Side With | On The Issues | Select Smart | USAToday | Go To




Auburn Trustee guest speaker