• Dr. Herpy

Summer Break Vacations

Summer is a school vacation between school years and the break in the school academic year. Students and teaching staff are typically off between eight and nine weeks, depending on the country and district. Summer time is just around the corner and about time to plan what you are doing with your time off. Here is what the students of Kenston plan on doing with long break.

Eymani Middleton says, “Over summer break I’m going to live my best life, and hang out with my friends whenever possible.”

Noelle Badalotti says, “I’m just going to chill out with friends and enjoy being young, wild and free baby.”

Quinn Stavinicky says, “I’m going to figure it out as it goes and eat as much as I can and enjoy it.”

Tom Roche says, “I don’t know, probably just having fun with close friends.”

Ellie Pluene says,”I’m going on vacation with my family and sleeping in.”

Elizabeth Collins says, “I’m going to hang out with my boyfriend and go get food or smoothies everyday and hang out with my other friends.”

Andi Grams says, “I’m going to have my graduation party and I’m going to Myrtle beach and I’m very excited but nervous for it.”

Autumn Case says,”I’m going to go on a cruise in June and in July I’m going to boot camp.”

Hannah Koplow says, “I’d love to just relax somewhere on a beach.”

With everyone complaining how there’s nothing to do, I researched some things to do around Cleveland to make the most of your summer.

  • Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Play house Square
  • Cleveland Zoo
  • Cleveland Botanical Gardens
  • West side Market
  • Rock in Roll Hall of Fame
  • Cleveland Museum of Natural History
  • Eat food in Little Italy
  • Visit the Christmas Story house
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Quicken Loans Arena
  • Blossom Music center
  • Cleveland Aquarium
  • The old Arcade downtown
  • First Energy Stadium
  • Restaurants and shopping At the Flats downtown

Kenston Mentorships

Today, I interviewed all of the seniors in the 4th block Web Design class to see what everyone is doing for their Senior Mentorship. Dylan Polz – KMK Marketing in Chagrin Falls Kory Leahu – Sherwin Williams Headquarters in Downtown Cleveland Bri Yurkovich – Sports Therapy at Suburban Physical Therapy Jack Roman – Spitzer Chrysler… Continue Reading

Fine Arts Showcase

The fourth annual Fine Arts Showcase is coming to Kenston. On April 28, the high school will be hosting this year’s Fine Arts Showcase, in the auditorium and gym, where artists from all over the district will be displayed. The official opening of the showcase is from one-three p.m. The showcase will display pieces from… Continue Reading

Local Fly Fishing

With the temperatures warming up and the snow melting brings a good chance to catch some local Ohio Steelhead Trout. The Division of Wildlife annually stocks selected Lake Erie tributary streams with 6-8″ yearling steelhead. This is a great way to get outside and enjoy the spring weather. Ohio’s primary steelhead streams are Vermilion, Rocky,… Continue Reading

Sirna’s Pizzeria’s New Restaurant!

It is a family tradition to have your own business in the Sirna family. Craig Sirna owns a farm off of Ravenna Road, his father used to own Sirna’s Cafe in Bedford, Ohio and his brother owns his own asphalt company called Sirna Construction Inc. It must be something in their blood that makes them… Continue Reading

Punderson manor Overnight Murder Mystery Interactive

Date: March 2, 2019 Website: https://www.pundersonmanor.com Event Description: A memorable Murder Mystery from our friends at Murder and Merriment one of the most classic settings in Northeast Ohio, Punderson Manor The event includes:  Overnight standard room at Historic Punderson Manor A dinner buffet A breakfast buffet on Sunday morning An overnight Murder Mystery Interactive that… Continue Reading

Cold Weather Hits The Country!

This week, Kenston Schools and many other schools across the country, cancelled school due to negative temperatures. Sophomore Arin Baum said, “I stayed inside and played video games.” On Wednesday January 30, and Thursday January 31, temperatures were in the negatives and with the wind chill, into the -30’s. These cold temperatures affected many people… Continue Reading

Ski Conditions

This page brings you the weather conditions for Alpine Valley Ohio every Friday for the 2019 ski season Conditions for Friday, March 8 2019: High of 38 degrees F and a low of 23 degrees F. Chance of snow 0% Conditions for Friday, March 1 2019: High of 29 degrees F and a low of… Continue Reading

Women’s and Sports Night

Come see a wonderful event on February 7th celebrating the advancements in women’s sports. It is a great way to connect with the community and learn more about sports. Olivia Muzzio, a fifth grader said, “I am excited to go; I can’t wait to try the Zumba!!” Throughout the evening, girls from grades third to… Continue Reading