• Dr. Herpy

4th Annual Speech and Debate States Showcase

4th Annual Speech and Debate States Showcase This Thursday Feb. 27 at 7pm in the Auburn-Bainbridge Room Please join us for our 4th Annual Speech and Debate States Showcase this Thursday at 7pm in the Auburn-Bainbridge Room at KHS. Our three National Qualifiers and eleven other State Qualifiers and Alternate from the high school team… Continue Reading

Kenston Students Donating Blood

The goal for the Drive is to collect 125 pints of blood to help the lives of cancer patients, individuals involved in traumatic incidents, as well as those with blood diseases. The blood drive is an extremely compassionate thing to do for others that are in need of blood. You must be 16 or older… Continue Reading

Kenston’s Figure Skating Team

The Kenston figure skating team attended the national high school competition on February 8th and 9th. With the representatives of Viktoria (12), Maegen (11), Jillian (5), Abby (5), and Brynn (5) competing on Saturday and Sunday in different events throughout the weekend with kids from different schools and grades 5th to 12th. Meagen was the… Continue Reading

Russian Club at Kenston

Russian club gives students a chance to dig deeper into the Russian culture. They can experience life in Russia by eating Russian foods and living out their lifestyles. Joining the Russian club can also look good on your résumé for colleges. Especially if you’re going to college for a teaching degree. In general, it gives… Continue Reading

Earning College Credit at Kenston

Some students at Kenston are preparing for college by earning credits through College Credit Plus (CCP). This program is approved by the state of Ohio and allows students in middle school and high school to earn credits for college while also satisfying their high school graduation requirements. Kenston is affiliated with several colleges and universities… Continue Reading

Cleveland Outfitters

Cleveland Outfitters is Mr. Kepreos’ second block Business Management class. The collective mix of individuals allows for a very creative atmosphere. Their mission statement is, “We are devoted to promoting unique items and satisfying customer’s needs with quality and affordable products.” There is a wide range of different products that can appeal to all different… Continue Reading

Behind the Scenes with Mrs. Buettner

Here at Kenston High School, we are fortunate enough to have an amazing library with an even better librarian. Mrs. Buettner has been with the Kenston Local Schools for many years. Throughout the years, she has watched us grow up into young adults. I had the opportunity to interview her about her experiences here at… Continue Reading

College Signing

2/5 Congratulations to Connor Kratzert (Football, Denison), Jay Middleton (Football, Christian Community College, NC), Tyler Mintz (Football, Dayton), John Tomcufcik (Football, Ashland), Alan Wood (Basketball, Franciscan University of Steubenville) Photo Gallery Continue Reading

KHS Students Working to Raise Awareness About Geauga Copeline

Morgan DiRocco | Bomber Media According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the number of teenagers dealing with mental health issues is on the rise, but some students at Kenston are working to help by making the school environment more positive and accepting. The Geauga Youth Advisory Council is a student-led organization working… Continue Reading