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2019-2020 Class Photos

2019-2020 Class Photos

NOTE: Our Web Builders spent a lot of time identifying everyone and putting you in your proper grade. If we made a mistake, PLEASE don’t take it personally. Simply email the mistake to KHS@KenstonLocal.com and we will fix it ASAP. If your photo is missing, we have not received it from Ripcho Studio.
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5 Netflix Shows to Watch

1. Tiger King, a documentary about the scandalous obscure life styles of large cat owners.
2. Money Heist, a thrilling heist drama about a professor that recruits people for a team of robbers based on their skill sets.
3. Ozark, is the tail of a good guy who is dragged into deep criminal activity.
4. The Office, one of the most popular shows on Netflix, it is a work place comedy of a failing paper company.
5. Big Mouth, Is an edgy animated comedy about a group of kids growing up and going through puberty.

Interview with Logan Standley

Q#1: What is your favorite car? A#1: 1976 Dodge Charger SE because my dad used to have one when he was my age. Q#2: What kind of music do you like to listen to and what’s your favorite song? A#2: I like mostly classic rock but I do listen to some newer stuff and my… Continue Reading

2020 Virtual Draft

The NFL draft was on Thursday April 23, and the Browns had the tenth pick in the first round.  The first overall pick was Joe Burrow and he went to the Cincinnati Bengals.  Joe Burrow was a Heisman Trophy winner, and he won a national championship and he was the national championship MVP of the… Continue Reading

Taking a walk.

During this pandemic, it seems like it is almost impossible to do anything. While all the shops and restaurants are not in business, the walking trail at your local park might be booming! Many people of all ages are getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors. Some have even said that there have never been… Continue Reading

Interview with Harris Skaramagas on the Transition Between Normal School Learning and Online Schooling

What is your name?: Harris Skaramagas   What grade are you in?: 12th  What college do you plan to attend after High School?: The Ohio State University  What do you hope to be majoring in through college?: Biochemistry  Have you liked online schooling?: For the circumstances that we are in, I don’t really like it but… Continue Reading