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2019-2020 Class Photos

2019-2020 Class Photos

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Impacts of Severe Winter Storms on Administering the Covid-19 Vaccine

Cities and states delay Covid-19 vaccine distribution because of winter storms Summary: Amidst a global pandemic, the world, especially America, celebrated the approval of the Covid-19 vaccine and introduced it to states and territories for distribution. Unfortunately, catastrophic weather conditions are preventing these vaccines from being administered in some states. Many areas, such as Nevada… Continue Reading

Texas Water Shortage Adds To Power Crisis as New Winter Storm Moves In

Texas water shortage adds to power crisis as new winter storm moves in Summary: The winter storm this week hit many states hard, especially Texas. Due to this storm, more than a million people in America did not have power. Texas surprisingly made up nearly half of the population without electricity. “The extreme weather disrupted… Continue Reading

Newsflash: Ryzen 5000 faces a failure rate of 6 percent.

Link: https://www.pcworld.com/article/3608349/ryzen-5000-failure-rates-we-reality-check-the-claims.html Summary: Ryzen 5000 chips are failing. The dead on arrival (DOA) rate is up to 6 percent for some system integrators, presenting some interesting challenges to AMD’s reputation.  PC news source, PCWorld reached out to an AMD official who said this was an isolated incident and similar was said by a spokesman of… Continue Reading

‘When I saw myself like that, I cracked up’: How MLB Minis became a big hit with players

‘When I saw myself like that, I cracked up’: How MLB Minis became a big hit with players Summary: This article talks about Hayden Parker, a graphic designer who created MLB player minis. At the beginning it talks about how Lucas Giolite messaged Hayden on Instagram asking him to make a mini of him. After… Continue Reading

Elon Musk’s SpaceX now owns about a third of all active satellites in the sky.

https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/11/tech/spacex-starlink-satellites-1000-scn/index.html SpaceX created a swarm of about a thousand satellites that is circulating about 340 miles overhead. This swarm of a thousand satellites is causing SpaceX a deep chasm of expenses, as well as it has caused many concerns about potential in-space collisions. It also is causing a concern of how this will impact astronomers… Continue Reading