• Dr. Herpy

Cleveland Browns!

 It is that time again! Your Cleveland Browns are back at it this season with many predictions of making it far in the playoffs. They have started out the season with 0-1 record against the Tennessee Titans. Fortunately for them it is the beginning of the season so they have time to work out any kinks and issues that have occurred. We interviewed a local Browns fan Lucian Benz and he stated,”You know, we had a bad game, but I think the Browns will come back from this and win it all.” If the Browns sort out their problems they could be a very lethal team.

Interview with Luke Gulas

Q: What is your favorite car? A: My favorite car is the 1976 Pontiac Firebird trans am 400, in the colors silver and red. Q: What kind of music do you like too listen to and name one song. A: When I listen to music I normally listen to Metallica and my favorite song is… Continue Reading

Did You Know Horses Need Help Too?

You know about rescue dogs, cats, you name it; however, I bet you didn’t know that horses can be rescued too. One of the students here at Kenston High School, a sophomore Julia Sell, does just this. She saves horses in need. Julia started saving these horses two years ago when she was in eighth… Continue Reading

Interview with Paxton Phillips

What kind of truck do you have? 2014 Chevy Sliverado. Are you Involved in any sports? I play hockey. Are you confident you will do good this year? We are a young team and with time I believe we can do good. Do you have a Job? I work for Chagrin Valley Paving. What do… Continue Reading

Rides Interview

Interview with Val Carriero Q: What is the year of your truck? A:  It is a 2004 Ford F-150. Q: What kind of lift do you have on your truck? A: It is a Rough Country. Q: How big is your lift? A: It is 4 inches. Q: What Wheels and Tire do you have on… Continue Reading

Rec Baseball

Rec baseball is starting soon, there is very little time left to sign up. Rec baseball at Kenston is very different from other rec sports, instead of playing other rec Kenston teams you play other school’s rec teams. It is very competitive and lots of fun. This year will be my first year playing. Their… Continue Reading

Interview with Hannah Lamont

Q:Do you have a hidden talent? What is it? A:Nope Q:If you could choose a superpower, what would it be? A: To read minds Q:What’s your favorite sport to watch and which team do you root for? A: Soccer and USA Q:What’s the first concert you ever went to? A: Justin Bieber Q:What’s your favorite… Continue Reading

Interview with Matt Schlessel

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Web Design? “Oh no” What’s your favorite genre of music? (Optional): What’s your favorite song? Hip-hop, my favorite song is “Popout” by Polo G feat Lil Tjay Are you pro-choice or are you against abortions? I am pro-choice What was your favorite moment… Continue Reading