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2019-2020 Class Photos

2019-2020 Class Photos

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Social Distancing in Style

While social distancing is an essential factor of limiting the spread of the coronavirus and flattening the curve, being quarantined at home can quickly change from an exciting week off of school, to a boring eternity spent rotting at home. Rest assured though, social distancing, dull as it is, is essential to halting the wrath of COVID-19 and, when practiced properly, will allow life to resume as normal soon enough. In the meantime, why not take advantage of free stuff?


If you find more ways to make the most of your sudden abundance of time, make sure to share them with family and friends!

Interview with Kenston Alumni

I personally got to sit down with Drew Tewksbury, one of Kenston’s Alumni. Drew Graduated in 1986 and has always been proud to represent his Kenston Bombers. Drew said the most important part of being a bomber is beating Chagrin. He tells Bombers and future Kenston students to “take advantage of everything Kenston has to… Continue Reading

Songs of the Day

Songs of the Day

March 31, 2020 Throwback Song of the Day- All Along the Watchtower By Jimi Hendrix Pop Song of the Day- Blinding Lights by The Weekend Country Song of the Day- Chapters By Brett Young March 30, 2020 Pop Song of the Day- I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber Throwback Song of the… Continue Reading

Cool Careers

March 31, 2020 Pet Food Tester: A Pet Food Taster is someone who examines all different types of pets foods for things such as the taste or smell and they critique it based on what is good and what is not good and what would be beneficial for the specific pet. March 30, 2020 Professional… Continue Reading

Ways to De-stress Yourself

After a long day at school there are ways to help de-stress yourself before you go on to homework or extra curricular: Take a 10 minute walk Eat a snack Buy a plant Play so music Treat yourself to some chocolate Chew some gum Watch videos to relax Hanging out with some friends Coloring, Drawing,… Continue Reading

Farming – Leah Fine

  Today I interviewed Leah Fine to find out more about the life of a farmer and Geauga County Fair exhibitor. She has seventeen cows, ten goats, and five pigs. She only shows a few of her cows (around three or four) once a year at the Geauga Fair but she says that it’s a… Continue Reading