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KGAP is Kenston’s Gaming, Anime, and Pop Culture Club, currently run by Emily Wood

We meet Fridays after school in Mr. Mason’s room C136


What is KGAP? Why Should You Join?

If you take interest in Anime, Gaming or Pop Culture, you may enjoy KGAP!

KGAP stands for Kenston’s Gaming Anime and Pop Culture.

In this club, there is a weekly rotation of playing games, watching Anime and watching a TV show or a movie. We meet in Mr. Mason’s room, C136 every Friday after school until 3:30.

The seniors who run this club are Adrianne Tackitt and Hayden (Heather) Huey, so if you have any questions, or if you have any suggestions, send them an email!

So far, we have played Werewolf and watched an Anime titled Silver Spoon. This week we are going to do something with pop culture and discuss presentations.

If you are interested in presentations or interested in finding out more information about them, click here.

Hope to see some new faces at the next meeting!

Presentations Packet

If you have been at the first or second club meetings, you know that we have discussed the idea of doing club presentations. Presentations will take place on certain club dates and will fill the entire one hour meeting. If you would like to present something, please print and fill out the packet below. Return… Continue Reading

Games based off anime

Ok so if you remember I did a list of anime based off games. I decided to check into the opposite and good luck going through everyone….. of….. those…. Oh wait, that’s my job, dang it! As a note there are a lot of game series based off of an anime, I will only do… Continue Reading

Anime Recommendation of the Week

This week’s recommended anime is Yuri! On Ice. It is a 12- episode sports anime focusing on Yuri Kastuski, who suffers a crushing defeat at the Grand Prix of Figure Skating. Unsure about his future, he travels home and perfectly mimics his Russian skating idol Victor Nikiforov for a friend. When the video of it becomes… Continue Reading

Anime Recommendation of the Week: Blue Exorcist

The recommended anime for this week is Blue Exorcist, which is a 25-episode anime with Rin and Yukio Okumara. These two brothers could not be more different: Rin is a troublemaker who dropped out of school due to lack of interest, while Yukio is going on full scholarship to a prestigious academy. However, when Rin… Continue Reading

Anime based off of games

Since video games have been rising in popularity it’s easy to understand why there were anime made based off of video games. I’m going to go over a few of them here and say if the are worth the time to watch. Sengoku Basara. Sengoku Basara is a crowd fighting game similar to dynasty warriors… Continue Reading

What is Anime?

The word “anime” means animation in Japanese. Anime is described by being hand drawn or computer animated. The style of anime has many distinct qualities, such as, large, doe-like eyes, vibrant colors, and intense scenes. The dialogue is sometimes very limited and focused more on the actions of the characters. Along with the distinctive episodes,… Continue Reading