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Three Days Grace

The Band Page is Back!

Hello fellow band lovers, I am the new editor for the Band Page and I am glad to be here. You see, bands are my life and mean more to me than most people think they should. My dear friends, Kenzie Kwak and Mya Ober, are no longer a part of Web Design and will not be able to add things and so I am taking over. I will regularly be adding new things to this page until the end of the year. If you have any suggestions on what I should add, please contact us at KHS@kenstonlocal.com.

A Sad Goodbye

First off, I am sorry that I will no longer be a part of this website. Second, I wish all of next semesters Web Designers the best of luck on the website. I hope some one will take care of this page, as it is, that is the only thing I can say.

Top Ten ThanksGiving Songs

10. Food Glorious Food
9. Count your Blessings (Instead of Sheep)
8. Thanksgiving Overture
7. Thanksgiving Prayer
6. Thanksgiving Song
5. My Favorite Things
4. Over the River and Through the Woods
3. SNL’s Thanksgiving Song
2. We Gather Together
1. What a Wonderful World

New Eminem

Hello everyone again there is a new Eminem CD that was Just released called The Marshall Mathers LP 2. There is two CDs in side on their first CD there is 16 tracks! The names are Bad Guy, Parking Lot, Rhyme or Reason, So Much Better, Survival, Legacy, Bezerk, Rap God, Brainless, Stronger Than I, The Monster, So Far, Love Game, Headlights, and Evil Twin. Those are the songs for the first CD. On the second CD the names are Baby, Desperation, Ground Hog Day, Beautiful Pain, Wicked Ways. Those are all the songs in the new album for Eminem!

Pink is Coming to Town!!

Hey guys! There are some new concerts coming into town. We are very excited to tell you that Pink is coming to the Quicken’ loans arena on November 23, 2013!

Concert Section!

We are starting to make a concert section here on the band page for anyone interested! They will be updated month by month, all of them will be the ones in Ohio!

Welcome to the Band Page!

Hey guys! The Kenston Website now has a Band Page! We have all different types of genres, and many different bands! If you have any suggestions, just contact us at KHS@kenstonlocal.com.