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Kenston Krazies

 Kenston Krazies

Kenston Krazies the BEST fan section in the WRC

The Krazies are the most supportive and rowdy student section in all of the WRC. They create chants that pump up the crowd and support the team. Such as K-E-N-S-T-O-N, Start The Busses, Scoreboard, I Believe, and If you’re winning and you know it. The Krazies do not disappoint when it comes to showing their school spirit and supporting their teams. Kenston pride is like no other, we bring the support and enthusiasm to the stadium to pump up our players.


8/30: Tye Dye

9/6: Red, White, & Blue

9/13: Hawaiian

9/20: Neon

9/27: Blue

10/4: Black Out

10/11: White Out

10/18: Pink & Purple

10/25: Camo

11/1: Jerseys

11/8: Spirit Wear

Spirit Week:
Monday: Neon Day
Tuesday: Disney Day
Wednesday: Western Day
Thursday: Throwback Thursday
Friday: Black Out Day