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Kool Kats of Kenston

Welcome to the Kool Kats Page! Come by and check everyday to see the cat of the day. By Gianna Calabrese

Attention! If you want to feature your cat on the Kool Kats page, send us an email at khs@kenstonlocal.com

September 9, 2019


This is Butterscotch, Samantha Stephens’ Cat

August 28, 2019


This is Leo, Gianna Calabrese’s Cat

5/16/19 Bruce the the cool kat.

Kool Kat

4/30/19 Flower was not happy to vist the vet.

Kool Kat

4/24/2019 Luci is looking very serious.

kool kat

4/2/2019 This sleepy kool kat.

3/15/2019 Conner was wondering what a camera was.

Kool Kat

3/6/19 Oreo was not looking at the camera.

Kool Kats

3/4/19 Look at these cute twins Rocky and Rasco.

fluffy the kol kat

2/26/19 Fluffy the model!!

quincey the cool kat

2-13-19 Quincy making a silly face!

Marshmellow the Kool Kat

2/7/19 Marshmallow looking like a snack!

thunder the Kool kat

2/6/19 Thunder has pretty eyes!

Chelsa the kol kat

2/5/19 Chelsa the majestic cat!

Buttens the cool Kat

2/4/19 buttens walking towards the camera!!!

Paul the Kool Kat

2/1/19 Paul getting adopted!!!!!!!!!!!

1/29/19 Conner the Koolest Kat.

Colors the kool kat

1/28/19 Colors the cat is tired!

miles and henry the kool kats

1/25 Miles and Henry the fun loving kool kats.

Brick the kool kat

1/24/19 Brick looking cute with his ribbon

Clyde the Kool Kat

1/23/19 Clyde the furry cat!!!
sliver the kool kat

1/22/19 Sliver enjoying a beautiful day outside.

Rascal The Kool Kat

1/18/19 Rascal The Kool Kat taking a nap.



This very kool kat is the Koenig Kat Karl!

This is Juliette’s even kooler Kat Turkey-Leg!

The Salem’s Kooly Kat Tiger!


Kool Kats of Kenston was created by Emmalee Svoboda, Kate Taylor, and Haleigh Shafer. Now it is being run by Dennis Bergansky, Riley Solits, And Jack London. Check back daily for all the catastic your heart could desire.

Take a selfie of you and your cat (or just your cat!) and send it to us (KHS@KenstonLocal.com) to be featured on the page.