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March Madness

March Madness 2015









UCLA vs. SMU: Bruins win on goal-tending call

Did you see what happened last night? In the final seconds of the UCLA vs. SMU first round game the referees made a very controversial goal-tending call that may have cost SMU their season.

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March is Upon Us!

March is finally here and everyone knows what that means. It’s time for March Madness! Kentucky is a favorite of most and is likely to win the tournament this year. With the official bracket coming out March 15th, their is high anticipation to see who is in and who is not. Every year I look forward to watching all seventy two teams go at it and fight until the end. Their will be desperation shots and upsets but that is just March Madness, and it’s what makes this time of the year exciting to all College Basketball fans. Be sure to check back onto this page for all your March Madness stats and make sure you fill out your bracket.

March Madness is Coming

March Madness is coming.

It’s a time for betting on brackets and watching your favorite team stumble in the second round against Dayton.

Hearts will be fragile for many as they watch their favorite team compete against seventy-one other ones. People will pray that their team pulls it out in the final seconds and people will cry when their prayers are answered with a missed three-point shot.

Who knows what will happen? It’s March Madness. It’s insanity. And that’s why so many people love it.