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Thank You Kenston!

We are raising funds for the Kenston High School Website Camera Fund. All funds generated go to the purchase of technical items (cameras, memory cards, video equipment, batteries, repair work, etc.).

Special thanks to the following for their generous donations towards the KHS Camera fund.

Last updated: November 13, 2019; newest donor(s) in bold.

Kenston Families:
Allard, Anonymous, Anonymous (2), Astalos, Barenwald, Barrow, Basta, Bates (2 separate donations), Baumgartner, Behm (2 separate donations), Brady, Brownlow (2 separate donations), Bryant, Burton (2 separate donations), Cardaman (2 separate donations), Carlisle, Carter, Cook (2 separate donations), Cozzone, Dancie, Davis (2 separate donations), Deeter (2 separate donations), Devonshire, Dickerson, Downie, Ellashek, Ellis, England, Fisher (4 separate donations), Ford, Fox (8 separate donations), Frey, Genshock, Gibbs, Giles, Goldsword (4 separate donations), Grabfelder, Gratto, Gross (2 separate donations), Hamilton, Hanson, Harriss, Herman, Herpy (8 separate donations), Himmelman, Holzheimer (2 separate donations), Jones, Kinney (4 separate donations), Krumel, Landsman (2 separate donations), Lange, Laverdiere, Love, Lowman (2 separate donations), Lyons, Major, Marchant, McKnight (4 separate donations), McLean, Medhurst (2 separate donations), Miralia, Mitchell (2 separate donations), Mock, Model, Monroe, Moutjoy (Katy Coverdale’s Grandmother), Murphy (2 separate donations), Neuman, Newell, Nosal, Porter, Rachek, Rendinell, Revak, Ringness, Robbins, Sabo (3 separate donations), Sachdeva, Schaefer, Seewald, Shoda, Silla, Sofranko, Stewart, Stitts, Stubbs, Supan, Szanto, Sulc, Tevepaugh, Treu, Triscaro, Varsity and JV Baseball Parents, Verderber, Wandrey (4 separate donations), Wegener, Weisel, Weyrick, Willert, Williams, Wittenbach and Zeigler.

We also want to thank: Kenston Girls Soccer, Kenston Hockey Team (2 separate donations), Kenston Lady Bomber Tennis Team, Kenston Boys Soccer Team (2 separate donations), Kenston Boys Basketball Team (4 separate donations), Kenston Field Experience (Out West Trip), Kenston Football Parents (2 separate donations), Kenston Football Team (3 separate donations), KHS Boys Lacrosse Team (5 separate donations), Kenston Wrestling Team, Fasteners for Retail Inc. (Solon), Musical Arts Association of Kenston, Kenston Middle School Cross Country Team, Kenston PTO (8 separate donations), Kenston Chapter of the National Honor Society, KHS Student Council, Kenston Center Stage, Seriously Skin Cosmetic & Laser Medicine, and The Geauga County Maple Leaf newspaper for their generous donations.

If you would like to help with the camera fund there are two ways you can do so:

  • Donations: Please make your check out to the Kenston Board of Education (all donations are tax deductible). All donations are greatly appreciated, and you will be added to the list above and receive a thank-you note from the current Web Builders. Any donation that is $25 or greater will also receive recognition from the Kenston Board of Education.
    Mail to:
    Attention Mr. Continenza
    9500 Bainbridge Road
    Chagrin Falls, OH 44023
  • Become a sponsor: If you have your own business and would like to get some real exposure (we averaged over 40,000 visitors per day during the 2007-2008 school year) we can help. We will place your logo on our navigation bar (look to the left) and create an entire page for you (More Details).

Thanks for understanding our website needs professional equipment to continue our quality of photographs, and your willingness to help us. Hopefully we will remain the “Best High School Website” in the USA.